Saturday 30 October 2021

Saturday stitchaday

 Today I have been mostly faffing about with my best friend’s birthday present. It’s a made by me using denim from brand new jeans found in charity shops. I’ll show you sneak peaks! Hope she likes it. I’ve spent hours on it but mostly because it’s been interspersed with me sorting out my bobbins and spools for a good enjoyable hour….

Then hunting for the protective tip of my little sharp scissors….

Then I faffed about folding and oohing and aaahing over some fat quarters…..

I’ve folded the latest harvest of denim….

I’ve looked at the newest dress pattern I bought and some bargain £2.50 per M fabric I got to make it out of….

I hunted out our birthday card we have sent back and forth since 2013 when I started it off. I love just re reading the little greetings each year. Her writing is so much neater than mine as I’m usually scribbling it last minute as we have to make sure we put it away safely for the following year…

We love this tradition so much that this year we are each going to select a Christmas card to send each year but we will give it back in January. I claimed I already did this last year with a very lovely card reserved for special folks! She claims not! So we will start it this year. 
 I’ve sporadically  been downstairs to get a cup of tea…in my lovely birthday mug from Miss 27…

We’ve taken the dog for a walk and I popped in the Spar for emergency bread, milk and frangipan mince pies ( what???? ) until I go to the shops tomorrow. 

Mr 24 came home from work early Wednesday afternoon, looking, sounding and feeling dreadful. High temperature and a very rapidly developing rash. I pressed the spots hard with a glass and made him look at the lights ( done this since he was a baby!! ), I then googled it and the 4th most common covid symptom is a rash - looked at the photos, looked at my son, yep must be covid. He’d been to a gig in Manchester last Sunday so the timeline made sense. However the two LFTs and a PCR all came back negative and he fully recovered- so t’was just a virus and he will be back at work Monday. 

So the present is still underway…

It’s taken me longer to do because I’ve changed my mind mid make so many times and have decided to line it too and add extra embellishments! 
So many crafts, so little time! Am on with making an otter. Have done his jumper - photo next time …
Am particularly proud of my pouchy muzzle! 

He’s hand stitched and is actually called Ottoline - a girl. But mine will be a boy! It’s one of the Luna Lapin friends. I’m lucky enough to live close to the shop and have met it’s creator a number of times now. It’s a really special friendly group of mostly middle aged women!! 
This post is coming to a close now because the embroidery bit of the design is finished. 

Till the next time. That’ll do. 


  1. You have been busy, I do love the bobbin holders for your cotton reels, I have a nice box daughter got me for a birthday many years ago. I am getting on well with Luna, but I am using my sewing machine as it's for a baby under a year old. Lover the Otter, might have to look for the 2nd book. Please show your finish item once you have gifted it, I love making things from denim.

    1. I promise I will! I first saw Luna at a knit and stitch show and it was her coat that actually stopped me in my tracks. I’ve made a Luna and a coat for my friend. Think I shared pics on here somewhere - need to make one for my Luna now.

  2. You really have been extremely busy. It sounds like half term was extremely productive. I'm so very glad whatever they had wasn't Covid, that much have been a huge relief.
    The present is intriguing . . .

    1. As usual, writing it all down makes it sound like I dad far more than it actually was! The present will be shown soon!

  3. love the thread holders !
    The dress pattern looks great and I cant wait to see what you have made for your friend.

    1. I love the thread holders too and I’ve some little bobbin clips too to help keep them tidy.

  4. Ooh, look at all those fat quarters, do you have plans for them? Love the card exchange. I worked with a woman and she'd bought one of those huge Valentines cards which her and her husband wrote in each year. At the time I actually thought it was a bit soppy but now I'd love to have something like that to look back on! xx


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