Sunday 25 July 2021

New iPad first photos

 So, with my swanky new iPad I was gifted on my birthday, by the HG I thought I’d try a few shots in the garden. I think the camera is fair to middling good, here’s the few quick shots I took. 

First a batch of books to go at. I’ve picked ‘The Wife between us’ to read first. I wonder if it’s going to be like another book I recently finished called The Wives by Tarryn Fisher. I’ll let you know. 

Second, a few of my favourite flowers.I absolutely love platycodons - got some started from seed that need transplanting already! The first one is a plant I’ve had for years and the second plant is one bought for me by my best friend for my birthday.

And of course, we couldn’t possibly not have a few of Bluebell….

Finally a picture of the blue leather bag from Miss27

So that’s just about it from me for today. It’s been a quiet day. Mr 24 took Bluebell for a wander this morning whilst the HG and I went to his Mum’s where I helped her to have a shower and wash her hair. She says it feels lovely. She seemed a bit ‘far away’ this morning. We were watching the Olympics with a cup of tea before we left at lunchtime. But she wasn’t really actively watching , just appeared to be in a world of her own.  

We popped to Sainsrobbers on the way home for some bits n bobs. I got a nice big tub of coleslaw on offer and a turkey breast joint yellow sticker. We had lovely sandwiches for lunch and once I’ve put this blog down I’m going to start reading my book. The Olympics is on in the background. Yesterday I said I was getting sporty in my old age, by that I meant I’d enjoyed watching the Lions beat the Springboks and then we watched The Hundred cricket. 

Am starting out of the midday sun as when out for lunch with the girls on Wednesday, I burnt my shoulders inadvertently. I think it was because of the wine! It must have been a good lunch right? Met at 12 and home by a very respectable 8.30pm. 

Hope all is well in your world, 

R x


  1. They look pretty good photos to me, not being any kind of expert. xx

  2. Lovely though everything looks, I still say the prettiest 'flower' in your garden is the Bluebell :)

  3. are so funny. You mean Sainsburys, I expect only the Brits would get that or someone like me, an American married to a Brit who has spent time in England! :-)
    Love your flower photos and your sweet dog looks like he likes to pose!

  4. Happy New i-pad! Love the photo of Bluebell smiling. I've not seen any Olympics yet although I suppose turning the TV on would help lol. My favourite is the gymnastics but I'm also partial to a bit of swimming. I love a girlie lunch but ouch to the sunburned shoulders. xx

  5. Hello, just discovered you and enjoying reading back through your posts. Got as far as the oilcloth pegbags - do you sell these?
    Bluebell is gorgeous, I've been without a dog for a year now, still too upset to think about getting another one.

  6. Hi Jan, thank you for your kind words. I do sell them when asked x


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