Saturday 10 October 2020


 Hello to my poor little neglected blog, 

There is no excuse for not visiting. Life on Earth is very strange right now. Somedays I can just sit and think is all of this real?

At work it is strained but the childers are ever entertaining. Hearing readers is still my favourite.

One was describing to me what the word pops means. They chatted about that stuff you put in your mouth that makes your eyeballs wobble. They meant what I would call space dust!! 

And whilst reading Robin Hood, one cherub was busy telling me that a sheriff is someone who makes food in a kitchen! 

Dog bag production was halted today because I got a bit above myself - proud and braggy of my fabric pattern match I totally ballsed up the placement of the handle clips, so much swearing and unpickery ensued. 

Bluebell in action at the shore

On the field at lunchtime

A sample of bags I've got for sale right now.

Making bread this morning

The pattern matching that I was boasting about. I love a puffin. 

First ever ciabatta rolls - made for the burgers we had for tea. 

Bluebell continues to be the love of my life and I'm slowly getting fatter! Its my own fault - I cannot stop baking! And I'm good at it! Oopsie - bragging again haha 

Perhaps I have been away due to a massive TV addiction right now! I am loving Designated Survivor with Kiefer Sutherland. 

I have almost just finished The Thursday Murder club on audible and its narrated by her off that police drama with women in out of corrie. Not Steph Barnes or Suranne Jones but the other one. She's really good at it. At work I am sharing the delights of the frankly beautiful Rik Mayall reading George's Marvellous Medicine. We watch a little every Friday before we go home. They are loving it. So am I! 

A lot of the neglect maybe comes from the fact it is so mentally tiring at work now I can barely stay awake past the credits of Emmerdale. I am not even energised to document it right now. 

Hopefully all are well in Blogland. Lots of love from

Rachel *blogger of a sort* Radiostar xx


  1. I am only using my sewing machine for mending at the moment, I have a good stash of fabrics from fat quarters up to enough to make myself a jacket and trousers suit, and of course my Tea towels. But my inspiration has wondered off. Love the colour zip in the puffin bag, it goes well.

  2. Well done that's perfect matching and that bread looks amazing I bet it tasted good too, I'm baking too much as well but am trying to put a lot of it into the freezer before I scoff the lot. It's good the Children keep you entertained haha, a bit of light relief in this mad world.

  3. Hi Rachel! I have often used George's Marvelous Medicine as a read-aloud for grade three or four classes. I understand the mental exhaustion of being in the classroom right now. A lot of us hit the ground running and worked at a frenzied pace trying to get classrooms and routines ready when school started up again in September, but now we are "done" - energy level at about a zero. Enjoy your baking and Bluebell right now! Relax when you are at home. Nice to see a post from you! -Jenn

  4. Lesley Manville. I just looked it up! How sad.
    Love the puffins.

  5. Hi Rachel, lovely to catch up with you. I'm weary of everything going on at the moment in the big world and sometimes in my own little world as well, but we carry on regardless don't we. I'm am so impressed with your matching birds bag. Seriously, that is top notch designer sewery! I can only imagine how tiring work must be at the moment with all the extras you're having to put into place. Tom tells me there are daily announcements over the tannoy at his school calling classes to the hall who are then sent home to isolate for 2 weeks because they've been covid contaminated. He says it's like being in a raffle but his class never wins the prize and has to stay put lol. Hope your lovely family are all keeping well. Love to you all. xx

  6. Hi, just found your blog,yes at the moment things are strange - still trying to find my feet in this 'new normal' that seems to be ever changing. Not always in the right direction..... I can remember thinking (at school) how old I would be at the turn of the century and we had to as a class write our predictions - in a way I was not far off (I said I would not marry until I was 26 - a great age at that time haha and I would travel the world, work with animals and make lots of money) umm - still waiting for the money to arrive :D but did manage the others. Love the puffin fabric :D x

  7. Your baking looks delicious. I'm trying (and failing) to cut back on my bread consumption. X

  8. I so know the feeling it is like I am in the middle of a sci/fi just doesn't seem real!! Alls well in this little part of Spain...although Madrid and Barcelona are on lockdown again!! Very glad to hear you and yours are all fine too. All that lovely fresh baking and fresh bread your house must smell wonderful!! Gorgeous photos of Bluebell. I just love what those cherubs of yours have been telling you!! keep well & stay safe Amanda x

  9. The world is s strange place at the moment. I'm finding it scary and stressful. I am exhausted when I get home. Most of it is mental strain. But chin up it's not forever. That's what is keeping me sane.
    Not long until half term.

  10. Have you found your yarn yet in poundland? I just bought a ball which you are welcome to .
    Abhi 19/10

  11. I seem to have missed some of your posts so I'm going to backtrack and catch up. Sorry.


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