Thursday, 10 September 2020

A week in

 A week in almost back at work. In our little bubbles, much handwashing and vigilence and laughs aplenty. Yesterday whilst with the smaller childers - we were outside working on an art project. The children were charged with sketching their most favourite part of the playground, the part they would show any new pupils to, the part they had perhaps missed the most during lockdown. Off they went, armed with viewfinders, sketch books and pencils to explore and create amazing works of art. 

Some looked at the adventurey playground bit, some looked at the best hide and seek places ( This, by the way, always makes us staff laugh our legs off because essentially we have a square playground with zero nooks and crannies for good hiding yet it's an eternally favourite played game! ) 

One little cherub was busy drawing away at the top of the playground. A very good likeness it was too. I asked why have you drawn this? To be proudly told that it was their very favourite part of the playground and that they really missed it. What had they drawn? 

A plate of fishfingers!!

On the wall is a long timeline, ranging from the year dot to present day which all the main events. Vikings, man on the moon, invention of lightbulb etc oh and 1960s-70s ish Captain Birdeye's first box of frozen fishfingers! 

You could not make it up! 

Bluebell wise, 

Madam hurt her paws on the shore so was confined to barracks with sudacrem and socks on for a few days to allow them to heel. She remains the best dog in the world. 

So much to say but no time as I need to get my online shopping done and get to bed! Smothered in Vic tonight as very cattarrrrrrghy. Leftovers from the cold I had last weekend that made me a paranoid covid hypochondriac. 

see you soon 

Poundland STILL do not have the white sparkly wool in stock. tut. 

Rachel *lots to show you next time* Radiostar xxx


  1. Ha - not the teachers, or their friends, or the climbers, or the swings - but the fish fingers. That's what they missed. (Now I would like some, with tarter sauce, please). -Jenn

  2. We have colds from our baby George, his tiny nose is stuffed, but going out is a bit dodgy, can't cough or sneeze outside anymore.

  3. Haha typical well let's face it we would all miss fish fingers, it must be nice to be back to a certain type of normal I bet the kids are loving seeing their friends again. Nothing worse than catarrh symptoms and they seem to linger forever! I hope you feel better soon. Have a good weekend. :)

  4. After remaining germ free for the last six months, just over a week back and Lily is starting with a cold. It's just a matter of time before I follow suit. X

  5. Aww poor Bluebell, hope her paw heals quickly. The fish fingers made me laugh. My brother's class was told to draw the hamsters, back when schools had classroom pets, but he couldn't see them properly so he drew planes bombing the cage instead. We still laugh about it at family get togethers 45 years later. xx


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