Wednesday 28 August 2019

Clearing out a drawer..

Apologies if you have read this drivel before but I found this curious list on my phone from December 2017!
I must have decided to tidy out one of 'those' drawers in the sideboard. We all have them. The shove it in and deal with it another time drawer.
This is what was in the drawer on this day. It's kinda like one of those time capsules!

Paperwork/receipts for burning x3
Paperwork/receipts for filing x 3.
Cotton bud x 2 - assumption is they are clean
Sanitary towel x 1 - unopened!
Compass x 1 - for finding your way
Envelopes x 77
Indian takeaway vouchers x 10
Sticky pad thing for car dashboard to put sat nav on x 1 - didn’t work but clearly not enough reason to throw it away.
Pens x 21 ( inc yesterday’s drawer clear ) + 1 pencil
Light bulbs - various types
Medical dressings ( unopened )leftover from kidney removal x7
Name banner - for birthdays
Doggy poo bags - obvs for Freddie
Our wills
Batteries ordinary x2
Batteries rechargeable- 7
Corkscrews x 2
Keys for top box for car
Yankee candle tea lights wax melts & car fresheners - loads
Old tax disc - from 2015
Kilt pin
Padlocks- for a suitcase from when Miss 23 went to NZ
Pegs- 2 - no idea why
Tomy room thermometer when kids were little - battery must have run out!
Photos of the kids
USB pen - been looking for that for ages
Golf multi tool x 2 ( he’s not even been in 3 years!!!! )
Battery recharger x2 - for all the rechargeable batteries
Packet of quartz glow stones- no one knows who they belong to or from whence they came!
Money - 5p
New handles for windows - not for my windows
Baubles - back on the tree
Tennis ball- Freddie’s
A glove - plain black. ‘Not mine’ when I asked Mr 20 and the HG. Well it’s not mine. Must be Freddie’s!!!
An old camera - digital one
Leaflets- for days out
Stuff for a thermal foot bath - belongs to the HG!
Various wires and leads I have no idea what for
Sunglasses - Miss 23s we think
Penknife x 2
Roll of insulation tape
Scissors - these last three sound like a murderer’s toolkit!!!
Mini screwdriver - I’ve been looking for this for ages
Blu tac
Pizza oven instructions
Map of wales
Fancy silver ribbon

Packet of French radish seeds sow by 2014 

The absolutely awful thing about finding this list is that Im one hundred percent positive that these items are STILL IN THERE plus a load more stuff rammed on top! That Maria Kondo woman would spontaneously combust if she saw it! 

Lots of love for now,

Rachel * Will be appearing on a channel 5 documentary about hoarders for sure in the future* Radiostar


  1. I have many drawers like that which I just dare not I really should to make room for even more crap.
    Hope you and the family are OK.
    I miss your posts.

  2. LOL - I reckon most people who work in primary education are also hoarders. It seems to be a characteristic of the type. :-)


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