Sunday 24 February 2019


A few photos in random order of my long weekend away in Scotland at the end of January. I had a cheeky Friday off work and we set off on the four hour drive on the Thursday straight after work. We holidayed with two other couples - who we normally celebrate Burn's Night with but this year, we did it in style. Absolutely loved it. The PortsochananHotel wasn't in the mid Nowhere, it was at the End of Nowhere. Stunning views. Freezing cold and remoteand quietand perfect. A day trip to Glencoe and Fort William one day and to Oban the next. A lovely drive home on the Sunday. We came back with lovely memories, a vow to do it again and a new found love of haggis bonbons! On the menu. Divine. Little crunchy fried balls of haggis, served with a whisky cream sauce! I don't even like whisky! Apologies for the jumpiness of this post. It'll be muc better when I get my mitts on a laptop. 
This post is almost a month late! I can't even get to the end onthis iPad to do my sign off so I will do it here. 
Lots of love from 
Rachel 'haggischops' Radio star xx

 This was Bluebell when we went away up to stay on the banks of Loch Awe for Burn's Night 2019. She is clearly pining.....

The first meal of pancetta wrapped cod loin was delicious. 

Glencoe I think. 

Taken in the forest of Glencoe. 

This dining room table was hilarious! Why a hippo in the Scottish Highlands? 

Traditional pipes. 

The accurate accent for the poetry of Rabbie Burrrrrrruns. 

 Tasted far better than it looks.
The haggis was yummy.

Tasted as good as it looks! 

View from the hotel over Loch Awe.

We literally threw the contents of the car in the dining room and she did not move from ere for aaaaaaaaages as if to say, you are not going away without me!


  1. Knackered comes to mind, looked brilliant, love your photo's. It's years since we have been to Glenco, we had a Easter break there, where it was too hot to sit outside, then a day of heavy rain, then loads of snow.

    1. It was truly beautiful and we were lucky with the weather xx

  2. Looks like a wonderful break away.

    1. It really was brilliant! Perfect company, time on our own, recharged the batteries.

  3. Andy sometimes goes through a haggis phase. I cook it and serve it while heaving and trying not to look at
    That looks like a fabulous weekend.
    Miss Bluebell is just too cute for words.

    1. It's sooo filling and vegetarian haggis tastes just as good Sheila if it's the meat content that puts you off x

  4. Thanks for the photos of your Burns Night celebration. I often make the haggis bonbons but with nut free veggie haggis. I love them but don’t eat meat-so far, not one person has noticed the difference. In our house, however, they are called haggis baws-sorry, rude I know. You certainly struck lucky with the weather that weekend. I can probably send you the bon bon recipe if you want to try making them. I fry ours in the wok as we don’t have a frier.

    1. I'd love an authentic recipe for them thank you x I suggested to the hotel they were missing out on a trick - I'd have a wee fridge in reception selling the bonbons to leaving guests!! I'd have bought some!

  5. lovely. Scotland is just braw. Haven't been there for a while, but really would love to go back. Food looks really good xx

    1. It was all really rather delicious! Can't wait to go back!

  6. Recipe for haggis bon bons

    1 haggis approx 400-500 grms
    2 eggs beaten
    50g plain flour
    100g of panko or ordinary breadcrumbs

    Remove haggis from its bag and portion into 20 gr balls. Three nowls with flour, egg, breadcrumbs. Dip into flour, egg, breadcrumbs, egg, breadcrumbs. Store in fridge until ready to fry in veg oil at 180 C for about three minutes. Keep warm til all are fried and make sauce.

    Whisky sauce
    30 ml whisky into a hot saucepan and set alight taking care as flames can go very high. Add 150 ml double cream, season, reduce heat and allow the liquid to reduce to a nice thick consistency. Once it’s reduced by half take it off heat and put into warmed dishes for each person. I often make double the sauce!!


  7. looks great, I love Scotland.


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