Sunday 30 April 2017

In memory of Alice

This post is a sad one. I never met Alice, but Miss22 was good friends with her at Uni. They were on the fencing team together. She was a beautiful young girl with her whole life ahead of her.
Girl meets boy, as they do
Boy turns out to be a total monster.

Her name has been all over the news this past fortnight as the trial has revealed chilling details and the horrific truth of her last moments. How her family have managed to get through this shows how amazing the human being really is.
I've been checking up on my daughter, making sure she's ok and it was lovely to see her last weekend as we spent the day with her.

After the verdict - which, to be honest had me REALLY wondering how defence lawyers do the job they do when he MUST have known he was lying. I could not do it for all the money in the world and I cried when the jury came back and declared him guilty. I also am a strong believer in bringing back the death penalty for these non humans. I don't give a flying dig about his human rights. He deserves none.

Sadly, Alice will not be the last girl to die at the hands of a jealous, controlling, coercive monster. There are already charities like the Suzy Lampugh Trust that exist to help others.

Alice's mum has set up a fundraising page to raise money to work alongside those out there already in the hope it helps someone out there. I personally think the police should not ask if the woman who has called wants to press charges, I think they should arrest them anyway.
Alice's mum is running The Great North Run this year and here is the link to her page should you feel able to help.

RIP Alice xxx 


  1. Oh how dreadful Rachel.
    Hugs to you all and especially to your daughter-x-x-x-

  2. I'm sorry if it offends anyone but I really do think that defence lawyers are lower than the scum they defend - I had to go to court as part of my working life and I've sat there and watched their interaction with their defendants - they are all on the same level - I hope the poor girl rests in peace and I hope your girl is ok xx

  3. My heart goes out to that poor girl and her family. I have no doubt this has made you want to hold your children near and keep them safe and protected. -Jenn

  4. How utterly tragic x

  5. I agree with every word that Trudie wrote. It makes me wonder how these lawyers sleep at night.

  6. My son is a lawyer, but insisted from the very start of his career that he would never work as a defence specialist. He said he couldn't ever defend anyone he knew to be guilty.
    As things turned out he went into private client work, and has no dealing with criminal trials at all.

  7. Tragic indeed, my heart goes out to all her family and friends.

  8. The details were horrific and I don't know how Alice's family and friends got through it. Putting a voice to her beautiful face was heartbreaking. If it's standard procedure for police to ask a victim if they want somebody arrested then that definitely needs to be changed. They need to step up and do their job, not rely on somebody who is clearly terrified of the consequences to do it for them. As far as I'm concerned that's a complete cop out. Hope Miss22 is as OK as she can be. xx

  9. oh that just breaks my heart. I agree, he deserves no rights whatsoever. The minute you take the life of someone else just because you're a possessive moron, you have no right to carry on living.


  10. Such a tragic waste of a young life.

  11. Terribly terribly sad. x


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