Saturday 11 March 2017

I has a visitor.

Hellooo everyone,
How is your weekend so far? Mine is fantastic. Friday night was spent with old friends. Much laughter and good cheer was enjoyed. Considering we only 'nipped for a brew' after tea, the 3am walk home was refreshing!
Up with the larks, well awake enough to watch the cracking Wales v Ireland 6 nations game. Then, much to the horror of the poor delivery bloke, I had to answer the door in my nightie, sans supportive under garments!!! I actually took delivery of the parcel from behind the door, literally snaking my arm round the door. What's my name? Well it's clearly Miss Glamorous Perty McSupermodel!!!
That poor poor bloke will be scarred for life - just from my hair alone.

Soooo the bathroom was cleaned, the Mother in Law was given coffee and witty repartee. The witty repartee was delivered via the HG and Mr 19 as I enjoyed a lovely shower in my clean bathroom.
Speaking of which, I bought this new fangled  twin gel thing that you 'pipe' onto the inside of the toilet bowl. ( You know, I'll buy anything new once. Well, it looks like one of the kids has had a nasty accident with the stripy toothpaste. But it smells nice.

Then the MiL went for the bus and not long after...
Miss 22,  her young man and of course a certain Freddie arrived. Much giddiness and waggling of backsides ensued. Once I'd calmed down.... ( sorry- went for the easy obvious giggle )

We've bought him a life jacket for his seaside walks, he looks very smart in it. Spag Bol was made by me where I almost had a culinary disaster. I put in two kaffir lime leaves. I looked and thought those Bay leaves look greener and fatter than usual. Then I sniffed- they smell nicer than bay. Oh that's because they are not bay leaves. Fortunately, I fished them out pdq and switched for the correct leafery and no one knew the chaos in the kitchen had occurred!

Before I sign off for now I thought I'd share a couple of corkers from work this week.
On a school trip to a steam railway, the onsite workshop leader was asking by the children all about their knowledge of the history of the Train.

Man : so can anyone tell me any more famous engineers from the same time in history?
Child: ( confidently ) yes. Rhubarb Kingdom Brunel

The man took it all in his stride
Ahhh yes, good old Rhubarb Brunel !!

Next giggle
Maths lesson
The question was set
The train line is 40km. The engine only has enough coal for half of the journey. Where will the train stop? Bearing in mind, it is a maths lesson
Most of the class: 20km
My little soul : durrrr the train station!!

Thanks for indulging my whiny post last time.
Well, we are just watching Crufts - of course none come close to Freddie and then I think I will have to give in and go to bed. I cannot do 3am nights out any more.

Just before I do go, please please enjoy this lovely shot of Freddie and then pop along to his very own blog and show him how adored he is!!

Lots of love from

Rachel *too old for late nights* Radiostar xxx


  1. Oh thank gawd you sound so much like your normal self Mrs. I was quite worried but I didn't want to burden you with an e mail. I think when you feel like that it's best to be left alone....I know that's how I am.
    Anyhoo....very hilarious post today.....totally cracked up at Rhubarb Kingdom Brunel and you wouldn't want to know how many times just my arm has appeared to the postman or delivery driver for fear of scarring him for
    Freddie is looking his gorgeous self. I'll pop over and say hello.

    1. Freddie was very excited you popped over to say hello! Rhubarb Kingdom Brunel will never be called his real name by me ever again!

  2. I'se not much up to corresponding with a witty comment this morning due to a very late night last night! Nooo not out on the town but refilling my Mac with all my data life after an upgrade to OS Sierra...groan took hours and hours. However I was doing my lurking in blogworld over a cuppa tea and your blog was my starting point. I so love your humor so I am going to just say thank you for this rather musty Sunday morning start. I can't say your post has totally cleared my head but I have to say (being blessed or cursed with a vivid imagination) that your description of the "poor delivery blokes's" incident produced a laugh ,well I'll be generous ...or two!!!

    keep well

    Amanda alias what is that I see in the mirror is it me!!! xx

    1. You are more than welcome Amanda! I hope you've caught up on your sleep by now xx

  3. We all need a sound off now and then,Love you have had fun with your visitors. Love your little cherub's comments.

    1. They are the reason I keep going back day after day!

  4. I have visions of you shrieking in a very posh voice 'Dash it, I've put kaffir lime leaves in the Bolognese, it's a disaster darling, a disaster I tell you' ;o)

    Sorry you've been too busy, but sounds as if your 'light drinkies' may well have helped you somewhat!

    What is this new fangled toilet magic you speak of, and why have I not heard of it? I'm a sucker for trying new products too. Which is why I know never to waste loot on Foam Aroma ever again!

    Enjoy your Sunday. soon be Easter hols! xx

    1. Oh Sadie, LOLLING at the thought of me doing a posh voice! But your comment reminded me of a Katherine Tate sketch, where the middle class woman is aghast, in her kitchen, because she's run out of extra virgin olive oil!
      So, anyway, if you do make Thai curries, I URGE you to buy a little pot of kaffir lime leaves - they are with the herbs n spices and use them. They really do lift the fragrancy! I will photograph the loo toothpaste as I call it. A week later and there's still a smidgeon left in the bowl. I shall reapply later!!!

      Am now one week closer to Easter Hols

  5. I want a friend like that to nip round to for a brew and not come home until the early hours! Laughing at the postman episode. I opened the door to mine this week in a very low cut vest which barely covered the bosoms. The dilema was whether to draw attention to myself by hoisting it up or not!

    You are very posh with your cooking. I rarely use any herbs or spices and haven't a bloody clue what a kaffir leaf is. Occasionally if I can be bothered to route around in the back of the cupboard I may throw some Italian herbs c.1990 in a spag bol. Mostly I don't bother.

    The Rhubarb Brunel comment is funny, bet the workshop leader hadn't heard that before! Can you believe it's only 2 weeks and 4 days until Easter hols. They've only just gone back to school!

    Glad you're feeling more on form. A whinge doesn't do any of us any harm. Enjoy your week. xx

    1. It makes me wonder if Postmen have a module on 'middle aged wimmen door answerers' in their training. Can picture a PowerPoint of the types to prepare themselves for!!
      I've two weeks left til I break up. A first week to myself and then the HG is off the second week. I might book us somewhere away. It must be getting close to Caravan Season for you.

      I am horrified at your lack of seasoning in your kitchen - call yourself a housewife??? Hmmmmmm

      Once Easter is over I'll be on a Summer Hols countdown though we've not booked anywhere yet!

  6. You should write a book of all the children's funnies. Rhubarb Brunel...priceless! Your posts always make me smile, Rach. Thank you :o) xx

    1. I wish I could remember them all! We used to have a book in the staff room where folks used to put them in so I'll go looking for it!


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