Monday 27 February 2017

2017 is racing by

It is nearly the second payday of the year. Five more weeks at school until Easter. Pancake Day on Tuesday. 11weeks until my niece gets married which means 11 weeks to lose about three stone!!!! I did an eye roll then.

This year is going so fast. I think it's because I am old.

Not really had time to be in Blogland lately. I have been reading and commenting sporadically on all my favourite blogs. I've not really anything to show n tell either.

We just finished a great History week at school. I went on two trips. One was cut short by Doris, she'd caused the river to rise and flood the ruins we were supposed to be looking at! The children had a great week though. Back to normal maths and English this week. Our school decided that we were not going to cram the children's days with SATs lessons and nothing else. I know a child who goes to a different school - graded outstanding with top notch league table results - who does not want to go to school and their parents are disgusted at the level of pressure they are applying already for the tests. No History week for them! No ofsted visits either!!!
Some of the children THRIVE on the challenge the SATs bring ( I would have been one of them ) but not the children I'm employed to work with. I'm boring myself now, year after year on this blog I go on n on about it! Maybe a career change is needed. I'd really love a career in lottery winning!

Gotta go get ready

Lots of love
Rachel *a bit jaded* Radiostar xx


  1. Time really does go quicker the older you get Rachel. It only seems five minutes since we were sat around the Christmas table with the Doodles and here we are at the end of February already.
    Glad you had a good History Week.....apart from Doris and her shenanigans. I would have loved History Week when I was at school but I only ever remember one trip out to Shugborough Hall.
    My daughter would have thrived on the SAT's challenge, My son....not so much.
    Anyway....have a good week. Not long 'til the weekend.

  2. If you land your dream job I will happily be your assistant. I know just what you mean about becoming jaded, it is the Brick Wall effect. You constantly bang your head against it but it just grows taller and wider. Hopefully it will pass and your normal Joie de vivre will return. I loved my job but at times I felt that I was being ground out of existence.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your first week back at school and that the History week was fun. I can't decide whether Thomas' school are too over enthusiastic about SATS or not. They seem to do maths and english tests daily but counter-balance it with some fun in the afternoon. They get extra outdoor play everybody else, a DVD is being worked through and it all seems pretty easy going in the afternoon. They are still doing the usual events, with the dreaded Book World dressing up day taking place on Thursday.

    I'd quietly decided if Thomas was getting too stressed with the whole thing I'd go in and speak to them but luckily he seems to be taking it all in his stride - touch wood. I'll still be glad when it's over though, mainly because of the homework sheets he brings home. It's not a lot but he hates homework and I'm not keen either, especially these days as I don't know the answers so I can't do it for him :)

    Somebody needs to think of an acronym for OFSTED. I can get as far as O and F with over-rated, f*****g, but that's it.

    Have a great week. Are you in that 'new' job yet? xx

  4. As a retired teacher I hear what you're saying. I enjoyed pressure too, but most kids don't . Hope Doris wan't too bad to you.

  5. This is the unfair thing - no OFSTED visits. A career in lottery wins sound just the thing - I'd partner you! ;-)
    J x

  6. Can't remember the last time Violet went on a school trip. Shocking. They have a new headmistress who is clearly setting out to prove herself via stats and attendance. Yawn of all yawns. I've only seen her once since she started. Ha. Says it all. Probably squirrels herself away in her office so she can read Ofstead reports.

    Violet loves tests. They've had two sets of 'practice sats' now and she's done really well both times. I'm glad she has such a good attitude, she doesn't worry and she knows that even if she didn't do as well as she hoped, we'd still be happy with her. The new headteacher has announced there is to be an 'increase in homework' for the rest of the school. There is something rotten in the state of Denmark!!! I'm expecting a revolution before too long.

    Put your feet up and have a brew. xx

  7. tell me about, I sneeze and another months gone by

  8. I couldn't comment on today's 8th of March post, so I will do it here, I just wanted to say I hope you will feel better soon, x


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