Saturday 10 October 2015

London - the last instalment!

It seems so long ago now! The final day began with a hearty breakfast, only this morning, the 28 discovered they were allowed the hot chocolate. To be honest the FF had kinda reached *that* point of not giving a flying hoot about healthy eating and sugar consumption!! 
I think a world record was broken for hot chocolate consumption that morning. 
When we set off on the five minute walk to the train station, I could hear swishing. 
Swishing X 28. Swishing, blipping, sloshing and splashing. It was the 28. And their hot chocolate submerged stomachs! 
You can only imagine the effect on their bladders!! 
Once at Canada Water it was just one train to our destination. About thirty minutes. That was just enough time for all 28 to go to the loo. 
We arrived at our final sight seeing place of the trip. 
The Olympic Park. 

What a massive place! 
It's a HUGE train station. It was a ten minute walk from platform to civilisation. Then, due to workmen doing construction stuff we had to walk even further to get where we were going. The route took us through a very posh shopping centre. Had we not had 28 mini hi vis companions or heavy rucksacks, then the FF would have probably had a relaxing stroll browsing the posh shops, maybe stopping for a leisurely latte and then lunching in a swanky bistro. 

But no, we headed to the gardens betwixt the Olympic Arena and the Olympic Aquatic Centre. In the photo you see a ridiculous monument that looks like a roller coaster/helter skelter. If you look closely enough you migh just see two abseiler types. And according to the giant hoardings, for mega bucks you can go up the top for a drinks party. Er, not for me thanks!! 
We picnic lunched in lovely surroundings and the 28 were able to take advantage of the safe vast space to have a play. The FF also took advantage of the little coffee shop and had a comfy seat to watch the play. 
We met a rather scrumptious young man who was part of the Rugby World Cup stuff and had we had time I could have had a Welsh dragon face painted on my cheek! 
All too soon we had to make our way back as our train was at 3.30pm. We'd pre arranged pre seating when we'd pre booked. I say 'we' , I had absolutely nowt to do with the logistics of this trip. It was all down to our amazing school bursar. 
Once again as we entered the stunningly beautiful beshopped area, the FF could only dream of even window shopping. 
We ruthlessly marched straight through the beshopped pedestrian zone, hunting for the toilets! 
The lunchtime water had topped up the hot chocolate reservoirs. 
We looked on the fancy pants shopping centre maps for the loos. They were not where we reckoned! 

They must have been hidden very well behind the great smoked glass wi does and doors that surrounded us. 
We asked the nice lady at the station who directed us to where we needed to be. 
Only the *very desperate* were allowed this toilet stop because time ( and patience ) was fast running out! 
We embarked on our final journey on the train back to London and then the last tube back to Euston. I said to my magnificent seven that they'd to make the most of this last tube ride. Cue hanging like chimpanzees from the ceiling straps and bars! I didn't say a word, we were in an empty carriage save for one person who I was chatting to. A third year teacher trainee student! She was praising our 'monkeys' good behaviour! 

Ohh I just remembered that on the tube back from Matilda, I was chatting to a random bloke who'd complimented our 28 on their excellent behaviour. He asked where we were from. He knows it well...his mother lives here!! Of all the tube carriages in the world..... 

Once back at Euston, we waited in the shade near the Sainsbury's. The 28 collapsed in heaps on their bags and the designated one of the FF was sent to look for a Virgin. Two were brought back! The lovely Virgin Train staff took us straight down onto the platform and we were able to board the train and get sorted and comfy before we set off! A few of the 28 were disgruntled about having to wait til we set off to go to the toilet!
It was a much calmer journey homeward bound. Approximately 16 of the 28 fell asleep! The rest were content to sit and talk/chat quietly till we finally arrived home. 
The parents were thronged together. There were many tears and we were so surprised by the hugs and gratitude that we were getting!! It added to the worthwhileness of the trip!

Once I got home, we had a takeaway for tea and I sat down, not getting up off my bum unless absolutely necessary. I had a four hour nanna nap in bed on the Sunday afternoon!!  I was still knackered the week after at work! I think maybe next year, I think it should be booked for the end of term!

There you made it! Through my 'almost
as long as the trip itself' blogposts! 
Normal service will now resume ( posts about my daily non adventures ) you lucky things!  

Lots of love from 
Rachel *back to reality* Radiostar! 

Oh ps. I sent the frock to my friend ( 95p for a first class stamp ) and her 4 yo loved it! 


  1. Sounds like an epic trip lol. My husband used to work near the park and saw it all being built lol.

    1. It is an amazing place. Building work is still happening bigstyle

  2. It's a funny old small world, isn't it?
    You've given those children an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. Maybe you will too! :-)
    Joy x

  3. Wonderful trip, both our girls would come back from trips, full of every thing they saw, it is hard work, but to get out and about is brilliant. You deserved your weekend rest, and I hope you are resting today as well.

    1. I do remember the trip to London I did at ten yo. I am lucky really with the job I do that I get to do fun things like London!!

  4. Well done you, I have been an "extra nan" on a few school trips and a day trip is massively tiring never mind several days away.

    1. It's just a huge responsibility Pam. I see 'headlines' all the time when out and about with them. You really are on high alert.

  5. Wherever you go in the world there always seems to be someone who knows someone who knows someone you know. I have sat on a wall in Clovelly next to my brothers next door neighbour (we live more up north than you) and a lady who ran a gift shop near Loch Ness is the sister of someone else I know. You have helped to give those children some fantastic memories. You should be proud. X

    1. Awww did you see my post about Clovelly? Once, when on holiday to Scotland, we were at the table next to my Aunty's next door neighbour!!
      They said - oh where are you from, we recognise the accent.
      We said - where we lived.
      They said - oh we live in ( little village close by )
      We said - oh my dad's sister lives there
      They said - oh, who's that?
      We told them
      They said - oh we live next door!!!

  6. You all did a fantastic job on the trip. Well done. I went on a Brownie weekend and it took me a week to recover as I was back at work on the Monday. Never done it again.

    1. Bloody hell Carol, even *i * would not do Brownie Camp!!! Helping out once a month was enough!!!


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