Sunday, 9 December 2012

A brief week in photos

Been so busy at home and work, not having the time to blog properly. But I have been in the kitchen. I made my first mince pies , with marzipan and all week have found my first love; making chocolate lollipops with my class for the Christmas fair. So here are a few photos from my week! Plus a sneaky peak at some work in progress. I've been trying to keep up and comment on everyone's blogs. I love reading what you have all been up to x. Chocolate
lollipop anyone?


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  2. ;-) hey FM, it's a little stripey sweater for my friend's little boy Arthur, born at 25 weeks and now 6 months old! He is diddy, but I need to get a wriggle on else it won't fit him! This is the front. Back and one sleeve done. One sleeve and making up to do!

  3. Jeepers Rachel, I have not even started. Well done. My holiday starts Friday and then I will have to get started. We decided only home made gifts or gifts for under R50, too lazy to look what the exchange rate is but that is usually equivalent to about 4 pounds.


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