Wednesday, 12 December 2012

1 2. 1 2. 1 2

No, I'm not testing testing. It's the last time this repetitive date will happen. Someone ( about 45 people so far ) on Twitter told me!

Well this week, my HG and I celebrated 20 years together! I had started a post full of stats to the amount of actual time that equated to. But I got bored! In a nutshell, it is a LONG time!! The secret to our success so far? 19 years of being engaged!!

It's the Infant Nativity at work today; we KS2 folk get to watch the dress rehearsal - so no lesson planning for me today! I have masses of assessments and paperwork to do though - so the doddle it appears to be, actually isn't so.

Christmas Tree update : My firstborn STILL hasn't returned home from uni, so my tree is still in the loft :-(. Friday is the day when my cupboards/fridge will be emptied locust style, we will run out of loo roll, the electricity meter will start whirring madly, and teenage calm will be lost!
On the plus side I will be finally able to watch The Vampire Diaries!! I have it stored on the planner. It's ( one of ) my guilty pleasures! Looking forward to a Girly TV fest with my girl.

Looking forward to putting my tree up too! I love it almost as much as my children! Infact, when it's up and they are being typical teenagers, don't ask me to choose!!

Baby it's cold outside, so wrap up warm, stay safe and I'm going to trot out my favouritest ever joke!

Two snowmen in a field. One says to the other,
"Can you smell carrots?"

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  1. Congrats on your anniversary, ha ha I laughed so much at your references to no more loo paper etc. Same thing happens here when my girls come home.


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