Monday 19 December 2011

Snuggles with Harry

I tried to do this on my iPhone, but I can't add the very cute photo I wanted to post. Harry is gurgling and babbling away very happy, seemingly unaware that in an hour will will be at the hospital for another EAU.
Last time I came with Lisa there was no new growth in his eyes. But last time he had 8 new seedling tumours which I think makes them sound like they are supposed to be cute.
They are not cute, they are evil, sinister little bastards.

Lisa and I just had our pot noodle esque porridge! Quaker oats are blinking marvellous. Oat so simple golden syrup flavour just add boiling water mmmmmmmm delicious! Poor Harry is nil by mouth bless him x
I'll try again to add a photo, if not, I'll sithee next time on the computer!
Love from Birmingham xx
Tried to add the photo off my fb twice now, it says it's done but I cannae find it!!

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  1. I've seen it and its a really lovely photo! He is a gorgeous little lad.

    Pot noodlesqu porridge is lush and especially the golden syrup one. In fact golden syrup is just lovely when its all hot and melty.

    Havent read the other bloggy posts you have done, so dont know what you have put but as I read this one, I am hoping very, very much that you have had good news from Brum.


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