Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Houston, we have a problem.

Or rather Blogger did.

I tried again in 30 seconds several times over. Bloody blogger. 

Here's some rather sweet mini white daffodils with gorgeous trumpets that popped up in my tub of random bulbs I shoved in carefully planted last Autumn! They are only mini so I can forgive them their blatant and outrageous disregard for my colour scheme endeavours! 

Lots of love from

Rachel *Maths SATs today where I will be screaming answers telepathically at an an 11 year old for most of the morning* Radiostar xx 

Ps. This is what my 11yo cherub at school ( who makes me laugh everyday )said to me yesterday
Child: Miss? 
Me: yes? 
Child: You kill me. You are all about the Lolz! 
Me: !!!!!
Child ( punches me playfully on the upper arm ) You funny! 

Me: ( OUCH!! ) Smiles at child! 

I'm so gonna miss that kid! :-) 


  1. Blogger has been doing mean things to me recently - hence no post of late. I'm with that child. You are definitely all about the lolz!! :-) x

  2. There's always trouble with something on computers isn't there?
    My problem is Facebook being a bit mental at the minute and doing strange things-x-

  3. oh crikey, the last part of your post made me tear up. I never think about teachers missing the kids. Should though. I still remember my favourite teachers from high school fondly, one English teacher, the other English/Drama. Definite theme there to my favourite subjects.

    Yes, rotten Blogger was a right pain. Didn't last long but so annoying while it did. x

  4. You're right it is an amazing school, I miss you all! You are definately all about the it! X

  5. "IT" has been messing me around terribly the last few days, been driving me crazy! I need to get some things finished and it keeps interrupting me!! Hope you get sorted!


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