Sunday, 19 August 2018

1 year and a fortnight.

On 1st August 2017, as followers of this blog might know, was the day I put my big girl pants on and nervously entered the realm of the unknown. Or, followed my friend meekly into the local church hall to the local Slimming World class.
I had a joining voucher and figured I had tried every other flipping diet under the sun with varying degrees of success over the years. The Scared Heart Hospital one I remember fondly.... I can't even remember who I got a copy of it from but it was a three day lose 15lbs kinda thing. I remember day one was eat just bananas and beef and tomatoes or something. I definitely remember day two started with a spoon of peanut butter.
Then I tried The Cambridge diet. Man alive, the hot soups were rank. I did Rosemary Conley's 28 day inch loss plan following the book. I made it to day 23. I went on Toning tables - they were actually ace! 6 tables that you strapped yourself onto in turn and then they moved you around and jiggled your bits! In what I called TGWL2013 ( The Great Weight Loss of 2013 ) I lost 7 stone by calorie counting. I counted every single calorie and logged it via apps on my phone. I kick started that with Slimfast for a month. One massive emotional catastrophe saw me chuck the calorie counting down the pan and then began the cycle of
Right, it's start again Monday...only to unravel any good intentions sometimes by Monday lunchtime. I just couldn't get going with it. One of my best friends had been telling me how good SW was anId seen how it had worked for her, but Inwas still fixated with calories and could not see my trying anything different. My other good friend confided in me that she had started SW and had lost over four stone.
I was fascinated by it and mulled it over and made the gargantuan decision to ask her if I could tag along one week, would she come with me. And that was that. Like a duck to water, I began food optimising.
By the way, I HAD to wear my big girl pants because they were the only ones I had that fit!
I've  posted a few milestones along the way including getting my five stone award on Boxing Day! That's how dedicated I've been - going to class on Boxing Day! It was actually pleasant to get out for the walk!
On the 14th August 2018 I got my Target certificate!

Anyhoo, as I posted on the Pinch Of Nom Facebook page I have chosen not to share my starting and current target weight because those numbers mean nothing to anyone else except me. I find people who ask over and over how much I have lost, or what I weigh now, really intrusive and even though I know it's mostly out of support and natural curiosity, I don't like it. Also when people have asked me, "How much have you lost now?"  I genuinely have to think hard about it because the only numbers I have been focussing on are the ones dealing with my weight loss the previous week. So in my brain I would be thinking - I lost two pounds last week and that is it. That 2lbs would be on my mind. I genuinely, week after week have been unable to predict what the scales would say and in actual fact, those weeks when I have felt slenderer, I've lost half to one pound! Every single week, bar two - weeks 49 and 53 where I maintained, I have lost weight. Losing 3lbs to get to ( and past ) my target.
So here I am, a Target member. It means I don't have to pay any more - though, genuinely, I have t thought about the money at all and I have a lovely new book to read about getting used to life  as a normaller sized human and maintaining my weight and not ending up back where I started plus a few pounds!
Wish me luck folks! I apologise for any typing errors - I am so puppy tired and have checked as much as I can with closing eyes!!
Sorry about the Bluebell photos on the last post. I’ll pop one in from today in a minute.
Til next time where I will be waxing lyrical about my top tips and what I’ve been doing and more importantly eating which in a nutshell, is EVERYTHING ( even nuts - though these are counted out ) and feel worked

Lots of love from

Rachel *total loss 9st 3.5lbs * Radiostar x

Friday, 17 August 2018

Experimental post

If you read the PS, if this works, I have written a post on my iPad notes app and it is a repeat of the Bluebell post because I have puppy brain and totally forgot I'd posted!!

Diary of a puppy bore

Well, We brought home our little bundle of floof home with us on Saturday 28th July. It was tipping it down and I'd taken an old towel with me which was a good thing. The puppies wee from a one off mating between two working pedigree Springer Spaniels and lived outside in spacious professional kennels. They'd been separated from the mother to give her a rest though lived next door! That sounds harsh reading it back - they were still with the mum but she had a separate kennel. Anyway, I was giddy beyond belief. The three remaining puppies were let out to frolic in the garden in the rain. I made sure I fussed the mum and the other older dogs he had and the puppies. I was wet and filthy as was Little Miss Bluebell Flowers to give her her full title. So we had a huge cardboard box on the back seat with a towel in and a little toy and she sat on my knee and I swaddled her in the towel. She was wet and trembly and terribly, terribly, terribly oh my eye watering stars, STINKY!!! After a while she fell asleep on my knee and we set off on the two hour drive home. But we arranged to meet Miss 24 and Freddie before we set off properly. Miss 24 was in love, Freddie was excited to see us and looked HUGE but was quite indifferent to the smaller version of himself. 
To be honest, I think it could have been the revolting smell that was putting him off. She stank to the highest of heavens!! 
We said our goodbyes and left to go home. I started taking the billions of photos of her that are clogging up my phone!! 
Once home, we took her straight into the garden and she did a wee and a poo. Then she came in and promptly killed two black socks that were a danger lying in wait outside the washing machine! Then sniffed everywhere that she could sniff and within half an hour it was like she'd never lived anywhere else. 
As I actually sit down to finish and publish this, she is 11 weeks old today and is fast asleep ( hooray for the respite )stretched out flat on her back, spotty tummy for all to see and one front paw pointing skywards! How this is comfortable I do not know! 
Anyway, her first night. The HG was off out and we had done a LOT of research on what to do. We bought a beautiful black crate, with a comfy sheepskin mat included for free. I'd been wearing one of my too big for me now jersey dresses ALL week and slept in it a few times. I had too flattened old pillows unwashed off our bed and as soon as we got back I changed into this dress and stuffed a big soft piggy toy down my bra so when I held her, her smell ( stench actually - eye watering - did I mention?? ) was intermingled with all the others!! I wrapped one of the pillows in the dress and put it at one side of the crate and put the towel she'd come home in at the other. Now some said to put the crate in your bedroom for the first night as  they needed to see you and then gradually move the crate downstairs. Well, our Victorian terrace isn't really helpful in accommodating a crate on the landing or stairs so we decided to start as we meant to go on. Crate in dining room, placed where she could see us. And in I popped her. Man alive she cried and sobbed such heart rending yelps my resolve was weakening. After 15 minutes ( as advised by the web ) Intook her calmly outside for a wee, which she did , and then popped her back in. She then yowled, cried, yelped, whimpered and me and Mr 21 didn't look at her or speak to her or anything and after 12 of the longest minutes of my entire life, she went to sleep! Every three hours I took her out for a wee and put her back. 
Night two - much less whimpering and crying and within 5 minutes she was asleep. Again I set my alarm and every three hours I got up and lifted her for a wee. Fast forward a week, I was stretching it to four hours and now she goes out at 10 and we get up at 6 to let her out. It's quite a good routine and although last night she yelled a bit about going in her crate ( we had let her fall asleep on lounge floor, our knee ) for a few nights, she did settle. 
Thought we'd cracked housetraining and almost had three dry days in the house - but no, we had four widdles - even though the back door was open. Sigh. We carry on today. No poops in house yet mind and we are not using puppy pads or newspaper as she is in her crate and will be when I'm at work. If an accident occurs I will simply wash her bedding. I had wondered about leaving her in the kitchen with her crate but for now, she's secure and I'll have peace of mind. Much as it will break my heart - she will be absolutely fine in the morning as she sleeps for most of it currently until I return at lunch. Quick walk and play and back in crate with toys and a Kong toy filled with treats to keep her occupied until one of us gets home. I also have a dog walker on stand by to go check she is ok. As the lad who we got her from said, the dog has to fit in with us and we are in charge. But look at this little face!!!! Staying in charge is hard!!! 
All the photos are from her first day with us, aged 8 weeks and two days . Little Miss Bluebell Flowers, we love you so much! 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *besotted* Radiostar xxx 

Ps. As I type this I'm not entirely sure I've not posted about her already! I'm trying out a prototype of typing and adding photos in my 'notes' app and I'm about to go copy and paste in Blogger!! A post about Slimming World should be posted later too..... here I go! 

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Little Miss Bluebell Flowers

Today, we travelled for two hours in the filthy rain to f i n a l l y go collect our brand new puppy. She is perfectly adorable and I am head over heels deep in puppy love with her. She’s been responding to her name, playing ‘find it’ and ‘fetch it’ perfectly and enjoyed some extremely stinky puppy treats for going in her bed. I write this after a few fraught 10 minutes stints of her crying and yelping but I have been strong. She has the blanket and towel that will smell of her home and a new teddy that I’ve had stuffed down my dress all day!! She’s also going to get an old pillow wrapped in my dress too after the Next wee break - about 1am! She’s 8 weeks old and I suppose she’s had a massive day! She’s done all her wees and poops outside too. She absolutely stinks but they wormed and fleaed her before we left so she can’t have a bath for 48hours. Gotta get to the vets too for her first jabs!
Her name has been up for debate for ages. Pre puppy birth, it was always going to be Rowan for a boy and Bluebell for a girl. However she then could have been ‘Shelby’ after The Peaky Blinders or Jenny Freckles after the Killers song, Jenny was a friend of mine and the cute little sun kisses on her nose!!
Mr 21, during one of these discussions, said, ‘Can’t we just call her like a normal name?’
I replied, ‘Like what?’
He answered, “I dunno, summat like Heide.”

!!!! Heidi !!! Lol

Anyway , we were registering her microchip earlier and there’s a space for the name. Her official Kennel Club pedigree name hasn’t arrived in the post yet, only one has so far and it’s not Bluebell’s so I’m not sure what it is yet. But her ‘Crufts’ name he suggested was Lady Bluebell Freckles!
Either way Little Miss Bluebell Flowers or Lady Bluebell Freckles, she is just perfect in every way! I shall now attempt to add plenty of photos for you to oooo and aaah over!

Lots of love from

Rachel *smitten* Radiostar xxx

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

One more day

That’s all I’ve got to get through until 6 lovely weeks of freedom to do as I please! I do love my job but I’m more than ready for a rest! It’s brain weary that I am I think! Thank You for all the comments on the last blog - I’ll reply later on.
A few sad things to say.

Channel 5 showed a TV programme that I’ve not been able to bring myself to watch yet. Murdered by my stalker was shown with the full permissions etc from Alice’s Mum and Dad. If you remember, she was the beautiful young woman who was one of my daughter’ Best friends she made at Uni.
Harrowing viewing that apparently goes into more details than the ITV programme last year with Trevor MacDonald.
How so brave her family are, working so hard to try to change laws etc to help protect other women from hideous monsters that sadly roam our earth. My HG said bad words and said they should bring back hanging. I absolutely agree in the death penalty myself in such cases. It boils my blood that my taxes are keeping this lying monster in a warm bed at night. Anyway I do not want to focus on him.

The other sad sad news.
Last night I found out that one of my lovely friends on Twitter died. She was an amazing blogger who I genuinely had affection for. None online community folks won’t understand in the same way I don’t think.
So I’d like to pay her a little tribute. I did tell her, when she was alive, just how brilliant I thought she was and how in awe of her I was. I am absolutely flipping mad that she’s gone so soon. It stinks. Anyway.
May Light Perpetual Shine On you Forever Kate 💜

In other nicer news
I went to see The Killers ( again ) last Friday. It was one of the best concerts I’ve been to in aaaaaaages. Brandon Flowers was just an amazing showman. It was fantastic. I was in a size 12 dress people!!

Trainers on for comfort and dancing!!! I call my style, Care in the community chic! I will post photos of the gig next time. It just took me 20 minutes of my screen jumping round to get these ones on! 
I’m current five and a half pounds off my SW target and I will post  a face doctored before and after photo when I get there! I’m not fussed when that happens. I’ll just keep on plan and food optimising for the rest of my days! I’m not deprived or on a diet. I’m not hungry or missing out. Life is WAY TOO SHORT PEOPLE. Live the best life you can because you just do not know when it’s no longer going to be an option. 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *last day of term* Radiostar xxx

Monday, 2 July 2018

Sunshiney catch up.

Good Morning Blogland,

How gorgeous is this weather. Three weeks til end of term but I'm in full on holiday mode already! Look at this beautiful photo of the biggest plant in my garden. It isn't purple but it is ancient, I hides the bins and a billion bees are in it at anyone time!

Firstly, someone has switched on some sort of keyboard sound and as I type this it's making a cutesy clicky noise! How long I will think this is cutesy is unknown. Probably not long due to being less tolerant of anything due to pain in my jaw from finally having the blasted roots taken out from the failed tooth extraction last year.
The procedure was 'interesting.' I say 'interesting' but what I mean is absolutely horrifically brutal and I'm not even sugar coating it! In reality, I'd taken 20mg of temazepan so was quite not quite with it! The room was light and airy and the nurses were so friendly and kind. The dentist seemed lovely too. A few injections later and off we went. I honestly thought it'd be a piece of cake. But no, it was not. It was hard prolongued pushing and twisting and pulling and DRILLING. "Julie, pass me the blade, no not that one, the bigger one." Was heard. And "We are going to have to drill this one out of the bone plate." To the student dentist. They did keep telling me I was doing Really Well. I felt the opposite of Really Well. Did I mention the pushing? They really do PUSH into your gum so you feel like your tooth is going to come out of your nose! Then I was counting the 'tings' into the little metal medical dish. I counted 3 and one fell in my mouth. It was hard! In my head I thought the roots would be soft??? Then next was the 40ft of thick rope they started stitching the gaping wound with. Of course it's probably less than dental floss but it felt like garden twine! Next minute, I'm being sat up and They thrust an information sheet at me warning me not to drive and to take care with eating and drinking. I stood up and wobbled. The temazepan had proper kicked in by now and I was jelly legs for sure. I staggered out into the what was empty but was now full waiting room looking like an extra on The Walking Dead. My jaw was hanging open and drooping to one side and I was dribbling blood onto the dried blood down my chin!! I walked like I'd had 15 vodka and limes and my poor Dad helped me to the car.

I've no real recollection of getting home but the HG was worried I was going to fall backwards down the stairs. I flopped onto the bed and sank into a coma.
Strong painkillers round the clock and a visit to the North East to see these. We then didn't go see Miss And Freddie as she had only been to ours the weekend before for my birthday. Which felt horrible actually, but she was at work. We just went for a stroll around Beamish.I kept up the painkillers. I had SW friendly fish and chips for lunch from the coal fired fryers. It is SW friendly because I had no chips and just ate the fish from the batter as it was soft and the only thing I could manage. Because my jaw won't open properly. I guess it's all bruised. I think I had drugs in my system still that masked everything. Because yesterday, Sunday, I became more aware of pain and discomfort so much so I'm not at work today, Monday. Anyway, on to more palatable things......

THE PUPPIES! One of these is mine. Sorry, ours. To be honest I don't mind which is ours because they were all ADORABUBBLE and all wobbled and wobbled and came to me so just another four weeks to wait.
I was excited the day they were born. I am more excited now I have seen them. I will probably burst open by the time it comes to go collect our little floofy bundle of joy. We do keep saying, oh what have we done...but we have dithered about this for years and you know what, life is short so if you want a puppy, get a bloody puppy. The love and joy far outweighs the dog hair everywhere! Name to be confirmed. There's a few contenders. The HG stated he should get to choose as I chose the names of the children. I hotly disputed this as I have no recollection of being so forthright way back when!
We both really liked the name Rosie, but, the HG said, that it isn't fair on Freddie, who has a Springer friend he goes out with called Rosie, and he would get confused!!!

Hurty Shoulders Update now.
Well, one x Ray later and the sad news is that I've got quite progressive osteoarthritis in my left shoulder. I have it in my right shoulder but obviously not as bad because it hurts less.
To be honest, it wasn't what I was expecting and I was proper upset. Anyway, she prescribed amytryptalline to help with the pain at night which is unreal. The pain I mean. Waiting list for steroid injection. Booked in for Physio and will need shoulder replacement. She kept saying, 'and you are only 46.' I'm thinking, stop saying bloody 46!!!!
So that's that.

Birthdays - Miss 23 turned 24 and I turned forty seven. Less shocking typing it out! Absolutely spoilt rotten I was. Ruined. Beautiful cards and gifts and even being at work on it increased the loveliness of my day. It was a great day. No cake for me but I did treat myself to trifle SWway which is just as delicious! Miss 24, the Beau and Freddie arrived for the weekend and it was lovely to see them. She saw her friends. Family all popped round and we had a lovely walk on the Sunday then back for the World Cup England game and a BBQ for tea. Well, we lit the BBQ but it wouldn't keep its heat so I did the stuff in the oven! We still ate outside and it was all lovely. Monday was my birthday and when I got home at lunch, sadly they'd gone but they'd tidied up and left my home so tidy and neat and hoovered and clean! Wonderful. We went for a walk at Kirkby Lonsdale which is. Gorgeous place.
"Let's go this way," says the HG. My Dad describes it at being like the Grand Canyon.  This photo does not really show the vertical drop we scrambled down to get to the bottom! It was DEEEEEEEEPER than Barry White's voice!

I sewed a little coverall jacket for Miss 24's birthday. She is off to Mexico in September and this is perfect for the heat. 

I finally finished this little jacket. I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

Ofstead - got the call, two day visit, left. Report due soon. Lips sealed as I'm not allowed to say a thing. The staff pulled together and the children were amazing. Sport's Day - been and had! This weather is frazzling and it's ok, because it'll all be over come July 18th when we break up for the Summer!

Gigs - The Killers on the 13th July in Bolton and then Lytham Festival the 20th for a bit of dancing, if both venues remain unaffected by the close wildfires that are burning right now. Can you believe that it's just been on the news that some UTTER MINDLESS MORON was spotted TRYING TO START ANOTHER FIRE?????
Honestly, I cannot believe what human beings are capeable of.
They are also capeable of planting trees in the shape of a heart so legend would have us believe. I like to believe the story rather than the science of the trees growing in a ravine. They are called Honeymoon woods. I always try to take a pic on the way home from further oop North.

SW I am now pounds to target. Really I'm a few pounds less than my original target of what I wanted. It's week 48 and I have lost weight every single week on plan. The success for me is because I have truly believed I am not on a diet. I have not felt deprived. I love all the food I am eating ( when my gum isn't sliced open and stitched back together ) and I am not hungry at all. I've been going to aquafir for the past 5 weeks - something I never thought I'd ever do. It was 25 years since I'd worn a costume and been in a public pool. Yes my costume is cute with a skirt and yes I wear magic knickers underneath but I have this confidence to do things. With this huge weightloss ( 8 stone plus ) comes a whole host of other demons - horrible horrible crepey loose skin - self doubt - opinions and comments left right and centre from Uncle Tom Cobbley and all - but all the positives outweigh these negatives. If anyone wins the lottery before me, please can you lend me £10k until I win it to pay for surgery to remove all my excess skin. Thanks in advance! If you ever saw the brave Lisa Riley documentary you will know that's what I'm living right now. It's not going to sway me at the moment to start eating again. I'm lighter than I can ever ever remember being. I'd like to get to one year of SW without a gain. If I have a gain, the. So be it. This is my life now and I'm ok with that. I'm planning to celebrate in style with cocktails with my lovely friends I work Night Owls with. Can't wait.

I also finished my hand sewn rabbity hare Luna Lapin. She needs some clothes and she did have two nose jobs! 

Right I will try to put some lovely photos on to this post and press publish.

Lots of love from

Rachel *puppy love* Radiostar xx

Monday, 14 May 2018

Dear Sue

Dear Sue,
Such a lovely lovely bloggy friend, know that I am keeping you close in my heart. I have no words to bring any comfort on the loss of your wonderful Colin
Love to you and yours x
Rachel xx

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

21 and 100

Aged 4 months

Aged 8 months

Aged 12 months

I may be biased but my baby boy was utterly adorable. He still is! He was 21 on the 21st April 2018. I did coffee and cake for anyone who would like to come and it was knackering for me, but enjoyable for everyone else! 
For the first time in forever, I baked. And I really enjoyed myself- I was very restrained and didst not lick my fingers at all! 
Birthday cake - plain with fresh cream was the request.

I also made a huge toffee fudge traybake and some SW friendly lemon, coconut and blueberry muffins. Best laugh of the day goes to Nanna V for discussing pet dogs with my friends and my two offspring. Nanna V said her neighbour had a poodle I think it was.  Oh, said my friend, we've got a cockerpoo.

Ahhh yes, said Nanna V, all knowingly, its one of those mixed race dogs!!!!!!!!! 

Everyone admired my bargainous 20p roses! 

It was a lovely day and Mr 21 was thoroughly spoilt! Hopefully he will remember it fondly. The day his mother made him stay in Aunt Ressie's Shady Pines home for the elderly ( all the Nannas and  grandads sat in the lounge ) and wouldn't let him go to the pub with his friends!!! 

So.... at my 38th weigh in tonight at SW, I've lost another 2lbs taking my total to a 
Doesn't seem possible or real! I celebrated with a hi if chocolate bar for 3syns! A bit of a ways to go yet but I'm taking it one week at a time, a pound at a time. No rush! 

I've pinned out my first Luna. I was going to cut out tonight and make a start, but I wanted to post this blog and then sleep. It's been a long hard day at work today. It's ok, I can wait. 

Hope everyone is well. 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *100lbs* Radiostar xxx

My new long service award seat is up and has been sat upon in my garden! 

Monday, 16 April 2018

The knitting and stitching show Penrith 2018

Well, I just went for a look see. You know, as I do. I go for a look and see what's what.
It was my first ever time at a show like this. It. Was. Amazing! All the things to look at and touch and stroke and squish. All the lovely people I chatted to. ALL the things I brought home with me.....
It was £3 for a ticket. It was at Rheghed in Penrith. We arrived nice and early and went for breakfast in the VAIR nice cafe. I say we, I had an Americano and the HG had a sausage and bacon roll and a latte. I didn't take any photos of it but maybe I can find some on the tinterweb to show right back. Not photos of the breakfast!! Of all the stalls!!

Oops I've been awhile - had to get up and make the HG's lunch. Egg and Cress sandwiches today.
No photos of the halls and stands that I could find but it was very hustley and bustley and crafsty and friendly and hellishly expensive!!! The items for sale were exquisite and actually quite bargainous - it's the amount of stalls one may have visitied and browsed and whoops there goes my contactless payment again!!!
My bag was bulging at the very well constructed seams! We may have been back to the car and emptied it once....

There was a free talk by the creator or the beautiful Luna Lapin. I met the lady and her husband at her stand beforehand not realising who she was. Then I re met her upstairs on her stand again after eager to purchase lots of things Luna Lapinney! I Amy SUCH an advertiser's dream I tell you! However, I'm quite the indulged spoilt brat because it was the HG who treated me on this stall, despite my ( weak and frankly feeble ) protestations, insisted on buying them for me! He says he's watched me not spend any money on myself for years and years - always putting others first and I cannot stop him!
Luna Lapin beautifulness

We took a picnic lunch which we had outside in the beautiful warm sunshine, then went back for another mooch around, with more chatting and more sympathy gathering for my poor fingers....
I shall explain..
I made Spag Bol on Friday, for Saturday. Always best the day after. As a treat and part of my SW plan, I had a piece of Lo-Dough ( low carb low calorie bread substitute I'd got to try - a bit like polystyrene if I'm honest and I won't get it again, but it's did the job visually ) which I topped with butter and garlic and parsley and 35g of grated Edam. I used a new grater. Let's just say my garlic bread was extra proteiney due to the fingerprints it had in it.
It meant I was more than useless on my phone and any sewing was out the window.

Some more gorgeous things, including the fairy fabric bought simply because it was glittery! Glittery fairies people. Come on!!

Anyhoo my wonderful weekend continued with the safe return of Mr 20 - not for much longer - who had been to Barcelona to see a band that he saw last week in Manchester and a celebratory meal of Salt and pepper chicken. It said use a red chilli. I did not have a red chilli, I had chilli flakes, but as I sprinkled them in, a handful fell in. I shrugged and swirled them in thinking they are not at potent as fresh. OH HOLY VOLCANO IN MY MOUTH LIPS ON FIRE. A handful of chilli flakes IS as potent as fresh. It was very tasty though! I had half a pot of fat free natural yogurt with some mint sauce stirred in on mine. Fusion cuisine and all that! Aunt Ressie's style!

I got this lovely card through the post from Miss23 "just because" and the message inside made me do mum tears!

Mr 20 turns 21 on the 21st and we are having open house for coffee and cake this year. He wants NO fuss andthis is fuss to him but tough! The cake he has requested is a simple fresh cream sponge and there will be other offerings about too. A SW friendly lemon drizzle I think. Some chocolate brownies and some shop bought cakes too because as ever TIME IS SHORT! There'll be photos etc I'm sure on the blog at some point of all the cakey goodness.

Freddie had been 'playing'  with Lola and this photo made me laugh a lot...Lola looks very non plussed.

Now I shall try and add some photos which will cause me grate ( HAHAHAHAHA) stress and cause the blog to jump about and have odd spaces betwixt the paragraphs.

Lots of love from
Rachel *Hot Lips* Radiostar xxx