Sunday, 20 January 2019

What sock? What slipper?

National Trust cheese scone recipe. Last of the Christmas cheese with the green bits cut off. Green bits not essential. 

Quite smug with my finger presses! 

Over halfway through January but it isn’t half a long way to payday on the 91st Jan! I laughed when I saw someone tweet that. Since I decided a few years ago to stop my hatred of January and the long dark dismal days, it goes a lot quicker! Bluebell continues to be hilarious in her daily puppying adventures.
Me and the HG are sat watching Vera talking in our Geordie accents saying, we’ve been there at every opportunity! I have baked this weekend- bread on Saturday which was all eaten on Saturday and a mince and onion plate pie for tea tonight and some jam tarts with the trimmings. I’m currently making a little gandsewn badger - when the timing is correct - this means when Bluebell is asleep and  therefore not helping me and when I’ve  my glasses 
with me.

I don’t k ow if any of you have seen the Versus arthritis tv campaign but it’s really good at portraying the pain it causes. There’s one of a young woman writhing in agony on the bed before getting up and going to work as a teacher. That could be me. Last night, for the first time in aaaages, I was in agony, writing is painful and staying still is painful. The burning pain of bone on bone and the pain down my arm is breathtaking and makes me cry out. I think it’s my own fault for neglecting my physio and eating more sugar of late in the form of biscuits. What I put in my mouth definitely affects my joints - sweeteners affect me, biscuits affect me. I’m going to apply a heat pad soon and more pain relief. Fortunately today I didn’t need to get dressed until way after lunch so didn’t have to struggle into clothes and a bra. 
Sadly, going braless in public is not an option!!! 
I have no idea what else I was going to put down for posterity here but it’s a short working week ahead as I’ve Friday off to go to scotland to stay up up up up in the North near Dalmally. We are going with friends to Portsochanan to celebrate Burns night. Posh frocks and haggis - perfect thing to look forward to! I love haggis! Fingers crossed the journey isn’t treacherous. Ideally I’d like it to be mild and dry until Thursday about 9, then snow like mad and be beautiful until Sunday morning, then mild and dry again for the journey home!! I have to work a day in my holidays for the time off - which to be honest, I do normally anyway!! 

I’m loving catching up with blogs again a bit more regularly. I’m going to attempt to add the bread photos now. 

It looked good! 

It tasted good I was told.

The ham was the one ignored from Christmas- done in my pressure cooker and finished off in the oven. With honey and mustard.  

Right, itsall jumpy and I do not know where I’m up to. 
Lots of love from
Rachel *knackered shoulders* Radiostar xx

Thursday, 10 January 2019

32 Weeks Old

This one has led the HG a right merry dance this afternoon. Coming back on the whistle, but tantalisingly out of reach and then quickly bogged off again! I'm sure she is part greyhound, the speed she can run off at!!!

Little Miss Bluebell Flowers, looks like butter wouldn't melt! ( what does that even mean?? )

Lots of love from
Rachel *had to go help get the dog back and had to squeeze through some railings to do so* Radiostar xx