Sunday, 5 April 2020

Lockdown baking

 This horse jigsaw photo from the Internet made me giggle! I meant to include it on my last post.
 Bero book gingersanps....

Left over pastry jam tarts and bonus mince pies

 My first ever home made egg custard tart. Followed the recipe. Didn't blind bake the case. Should have. Will do next time.
 Aunts Olive's ginger nuts - 20 million percent better than the bero book recipe.

Made tandoori chicken kebabs. 

Chicken breasts,  Marinating in fat free yogurt and tandoori spice mix

Bake. Scoff. Can't find photo! 

Rachel* off to make Sunday dinner* Radiostar xxx

Mona Lisa

This documents what I like to call the hardest jigsaw I ever did in my life so far...

I bought this in Fort William
I made a start...
Took flipping ages.

I found all the paler pieces first and concentrated on those.

Annoyingly there are duplicates of the teeny portraits but in different sizes. 

But with a bit of  perseverance I was getting there...

Saw this table on line and thought it genius!

Alas my table was taken up for aaaages by the smiley lady...


I have now passed it on to one of my girl friends - we have a whatapp group called the jiggers!! I was very kind and in separate envelopes I placed all the edge pieces,  the face and the bottom right corner. It's up to her if she chooses to use the envelopes or tips all the pieces in together to start from scratch. 

I will never ever do one of these again. My poor eyes. But the good thing was..whilst I was jigsawing I was not eating and it also prevented junk being dumped on the table as per! 
Right - I must away to sort my teatowel drawer. 

I cannot believe I am going to say this but I really really wish it was a horrible grey rainy day  instead of the glorious sunny day it is. Yes I am going to peg out my bedding but if it was raining - people would NOT BE GOING OUT. 

Anyway, stay safe folks. 

Lots of love from Rachel *tea towel folder* Radiostar xx