Sunday, 9 December 2018

A few weeks since

I posted. Many things have kept me from Blogland, visiting others, reading favourites and indeed posting. I say many things, but it is really one little furry thing who answers ( sometimes ) to the name of Bluebell! She has my pure undivided love and attention 24 hours every single day. I seriously underestimated how doolally I would go over a dog! Work is hard for lots of unrelenting reasons but it pays for gravy bones, even though it keeps me from her!
Freddie, my first doggy love came to stay whilst Miss 24 and the beau went to Mexico on their holidays. Now he was booked in last year pre Bluebell. Dear sweet Freddie. Ever patient and so well behaved as Little Miss Bluebell Flowers tormented him from the minute they got up until the minute they went to bed. And I strongly suspect she was managing to annoy him through the bars of their crates! She was mostly swinging from his ears, taking toys off him, removing things from his crate, catching his tail, leaping all over him and barking a constant high pitched yap as she desperately tried to catch him outside. She was a monster to him. No sign of the uber submissive Bluebell out on our walks with other dogs! It was exhausting. It was also highly entertaining as he'd gallop past looking beseechingly as us as if to say
I'm pretty sure he also really appreciated all the extra treats because LMBF gets a treat for every wee wee and poo outside etc etc
I was doing over 20000 steps a day doing two separate walks in a morning and then a walk in the evening too.

I found this in my drafts and thought I’d pick up where I left it but three months on, almost at Christmas! LMBF is still the be all and end all! It got easier for about three days and I thought we’d cracked it...then she got to 6 months old and it’s like starting back over!! If I said we totally totally TOTALLY underestimated the hard work, I’d be nowhere near the truth! But I just love her so much!
I want to say a HUGE hello to you beautiful bloggy lovelies who keep dropping by my email inbox. I appreciate it so much and can only apologise again at how crap I’ve become at keeping in touch. I will try to do better! An explanation could be as my co worker is on long term leave, I’m spending so much more time in front of a screen, plus the added extra work load, it’s hurting my brain tothink and remember and sitting and typing just for fun on the blog just seems like work. Also since the puppy cane, time for other hobbies etc is shorter at the moment so everything has been pared back! I have missed you all though, as you all know, I’m nosy! What’s been going on?!! I’m trying to think what I need to put down for posterity.
Slimming World wise- I’m still going most weeks and have now spent 17 weeks at target or thereabouts. Currently am 4lbs over target, but my size 8 skinny jeans ( jeggings really ) still fit comfortably and I’m back on plan so think I’ve already lost some weight towards target again - find out Tuesday! Mentally I’m slowly getting to know what I look like now. But it’s hard. Like for instance. Bout a size 12 jumper from Sainsrobbers yesterday thinking that looks too small but I know I’m smaller now so I won’t buy the 14 I want to, I’ll be sensible and get the 12. Get home, try it on. Too big. Coulda got a 10. My brain won’t let me realise that yes that is the size I am.

Other news, in the kidney cancer world, nothing to report. So that’s good. The limbo land it keeps you in is less good but hey ho it’s what I’ll take over the alternative.

Mr 21 has a lovely new girlfriend who we like! She’s lovely. Miss 24 is still happy with her beau who I neeeeeed to tell you something funny about.
The HG was 50 last month ( photos of the cake I made in a minute ) and we all went out for the night.  Miss 24 told us that her beau told her
The reason he’s not asked her to get engaged yet etc is
Because he’s scared of her Dad!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 << this is a row of laughing faces!
Awww he’s such a funny lad, quite sensitive and gets mortified really easily! We put him straight, but also whilst it’d be lovely, it’s not important!

Craft wise nowt much to report. Can’t get much done at the moment because someone with long soft floppy brown ears wants to help all the time. And she’s not allowed upstairs so I rely on someone else being in and awaketo watch her to the standards I do!!! I’ve made her a raincoat, a toybox, a lead basket, a bed, a snuffle mat and a Christmas stocking!!!! I’ve not knit in ages which saddens me because that is my most favourite thing in the world to do. Cooking and baking. Still do that though less baking! When you see the HG birthday cake , try and understand exactly how much cake mix I ate, how much buttercream I licked off the spoon and how many matchmakers and malteasers I ate! Soooi sickly I felt that night!!!
Not got the tree up yet. One reason is time, another is having help of Miss Nosypants is putting me off! Actually she is really good and well behaved, the vet nurse told me. She’s learning and can do so many tricks.
Sit, lie down, roll over, left paw, right paw, high five, wait, stay, come, cuddles, crawl, round and finish- which is runround my back and sit at my side, hand ( put object in my hand ), tidy up - just learning this! I will say go find , and name a toy , she has loads but knows monkey, pink ball, blue ball, doughnut, piggy, bone, star and fish, so go find monkey, she goes and finds it, tidy up she brings it to me and stops it in her toy box! This is what we are working on at the minute so it’s not always successful!
I do post a bit on Instagram more than on here so I know a few of you on here follow me on there so will see her updates!!
Thank You for listening! Some photos now and then I’d best get a shower. We are going to my great nephew’s christening- you met him on here when I told you he’d been born almost too early. Well he is walking and talking nearly and it doing just fine now. Such a cutie and we can never thank the nhs enough for what they did keeping him on this Earth with us. Lisa will be there with her tribe and Harry is another nhs success story. Still in remission. At mainstream school with his visual impairment teacher. He’s learning Braille and is funny and clever. Will I ever be tall for my age William will no doubt want to sit next to me because he knows he’s my most favourite William on the planet and I know a lot of Williams ( I don’t, this is just what I told him!!) then we have puppy training class where I get a good dose of embarrassment from Bluebell showing me up not doing all the things I’ve just bragged that she can do! Puppy training really is for control and recall. She is rubbish at walking to heel. I’ve loads of different harnesses but I don’t want to have to control her, I want her to just do it!! She’s very strong and my arthritic shoulders can’t manage a puller!
Photos now and bye for now everyone xx
Lots of love from
Rachel ‘so much more to tell you but I’ve forgotten’ Radiostar xx

Sunday, 19 August 2018

1 year and a fortnight.

On 1st August 2017, as followers of this blog might know, was the day I put my big girl pants on and nervously entered the realm of the unknown. Or, followed my friend meekly into the local church hall to the local Slimming World class.
I had a joining voucher and figured I had tried every other flipping diet under the sun with varying degrees of success over the years. The Scared Heart Hospital one I remember fondly.... I can't even remember who I got a copy of it from but it was a three day lose 15lbs kinda thing. I remember day one was eat just bananas and beef and tomatoes or something. I definitely remember day two started with a spoon of peanut butter.
Then I tried The Cambridge diet. Man alive, the hot soups were rank. I did Rosemary Conley's 28 day inch loss plan following the book. I made it to day 23. I went on Toning tables - they were actually ace! 6 tables that you strapped yourself onto in turn and then they moved you around and jiggled your bits! In what I called TGWL2013 ( The Great Weight Loss of 2013 ) I lost 7 stone by calorie counting. I counted every single calorie and logged it via apps on my phone. I kick started that with Slimfast for a month. One massive emotional catastrophe saw me chuck the calorie counting down the pan and then began the cycle of
Right, it's start again Monday...only to unravel any good intentions sometimes by Monday lunchtime. I just couldn't get going with it. One of my best friends had been telling me how good SW was anId seen how it had worked for her, but Inwas still fixated with calories and could not see my trying anything different. My other good friend confided in me that she had started SW and had lost over four stone.
I was fascinated by it and mulled it over and made the gargantuan decision to ask her if I could tag along one week, would she come with me. And that was that. Like a duck to water, I began food optimising.
By the way, I HAD to wear my big girl pants because they were the only ones I had that fit!
I've  posted a few milestones along the way including getting my five stone award on Boxing Day! That's how dedicated I've been - going to class on Boxing Day! It was actually pleasant to get out for the walk!
On the 14th August 2018 I got my Target certificate!

Anyhoo, as I posted on the Pinch Of Nom Facebook page I have chosen not to share my starting and current target weight because those numbers mean nothing to anyone else except me. I find people who ask over and over how much I have lost, or what I weigh now, really intrusive and even though I know it's mostly out of support and natural curiosity, I don't like it. Also when people have asked me, "How much have you lost now?"  I genuinely have to think hard about it because the only numbers I have been focussing on are the ones dealing with my weight loss the previous week. So in my brain I would be thinking - I lost two pounds last week and that is it. That 2lbs would be on my mind. I genuinely, week after week have been unable to predict what the scales would say and in actual fact, those weeks when I have felt slenderer, I've lost half to one pound! Every single week, bar two - weeks 49 and 53 where I maintained, I have lost weight. Losing 3lbs to get to ( and past ) my target.
So here I am, a Target member. It means I don't have to pay any more - though, genuinely, I have t thought about the money at all and I have a lovely new book to read about getting used to life  as a normaller sized human and maintaining my weight and not ending up back where I started plus a few pounds!
Wish me luck folks! I apologise for any typing errors - I am so puppy tired and have checked as much as I can with closing eyes!!
Sorry about the Bluebell photos on the last post. I’ll pop one in from today in a minute.
Til next time where I will be waxing lyrical about my top tips and what I’ve been doing and more importantly eating which in a nutshell, is EVERYTHING ( even nuts - though these are counted out ) and feel worked

Lots of love from

Rachel *total loss 9st 3.5lbs * Radiostar x