Friday, 17 August 2018

Experimental post

If you read the PS, if this works, I have written a post on my iPad notes app and it is a repeat of the Bluebell post because I have puppy brain and totally forgot I'd posted!!

Diary of a puppy bore

Well, We brought home our little bundle of floof home with us on Saturday 28th July. It was tipping it down and I'd taken an old towel with me which was a good thing. The puppies wee from a one off mating between two working pedigree Springer Spaniels and lived outside in spacious professional kennels. They'd been separated from the mother to give her a rest though lived next door! That sounds harsh reading it back - they were still with the mum but she had a separate kennel. Anyway, I was giddy beyond belief. The three remaining puppies were let out to frolic in the garden in the rain. I made sure I fussed the mum and the other older dogs he had and the puppies. I was wet and filthy as was Little Miss Bluebell Flowers to give her her full title. So we had a huge cardboard box on the back seat with a towel in and a little toy and she sat on my knee and I swaddled her in the towel. She was wet and trembly and terribly, terribly, terribly oh my eye watering stars, STINKY!!! After a while she fell asleep on my knee and we set off on the two hour drive home. But we arranged to meet Miss 24 and Freddie before we set off properly. Miss 24 was in love, Freddie was excited to see us and looked HUGE but was quite indifferent to the smaller version of himself. 
To be honest, I think it could have been the revolting smell that was putting him off. She stank to the highest of heavens!! 
We said our goodbyes and left to go home. I started taking the billions of photos of her that are clogging up my phone!! 
Once home, we took her straight into the garden and she did a wee and a poo. Then she came in and promptly killed two black socks that were a danger lying in wait outside the washing machine! Then sniffed everywhere that she could sniff and within half an hour it was like she'd never lived anywhere else. 
As I actually sit down to finish and publish this, she is 11 weeks old today and is fast asleep ( hooray for the respite )stretched out flat on her back, spotty tummy for all to see and one front paw pointing skywards! How this is comfortable I do not know! 
Anyway, her first night. The HG was off out and we had done a LOT of research on what to do. We bought a beautiful black crate, with a comfy sheepskin mat included for free. I'd been wearing one of my too big for me now jersey dresses ALL week and slept in it a few times. I had too flattened old pillows unwashed off our bed and as soon as we got back I changed into this dress and stuffed a big soft piggy toy down my bra so when I held her, her smell ( stench actually - eye watering - did I mention?? ) was intermingled with all the others!! I wrapped one of the pillows in the dress and put it at one side of the crate and put the towel she'd come home in at the other. Now some said to put the crate in your bedroom for the first night as  they needed to see you and then gradually move the crate downstairs. Well, our Victorian terrace isn't really helpful in accommodating a crate on the landing or stairs so we decided to start as we meant to go on. Crate in dining room, placed where she could see us. And in I popped her. Man alive she cried and sobbed such heart rending yelps my resolve was weakening. After 15 minutes ( as advised by the web ) Intook her calmly outside for a wee, which she did , and then popped her back in. She then yowled, cried, yelped, whimpered and me and Mr 21 didn't look at her or speak to her or anything and after 12 of the longest minutes of my entire life, she went to sleep! Every three hours I took her out for a wee and put her back. 
Night two - much less whimpering and crying and within 5 minutes she was asleep. Again I set my alarm and every three hours I got up and lifted her for a wee. Fast forward a week, I was stretching it to four hours and now she goes out at 10 and we get up at 6 to let her out. It's quite a good routine and although last night she yelled a bit about going in her crate ( we had let her fall asleep on lounge floor, our knee ) for a few nights, she did settle. 
Thought we'd cracked housetraining and almost had three dry days in the house - but no, we had four widdles - even though the back door was open. Sigh. We carry on today. No poops in house yet mind and we are not using puppy pads or newspaper as she is in her crate and will be when I'm at work. If an accident occurs I will simply wash her bedding. I had wondered about leaving her in the kitchen with her crate but for now, she's secure and I'll have peace of mind. Much as it will break my heart - she will be absolutely fine in the morning as she sleeps for most of it currently until I return at lunch. Quick walk and play and back in crate with toys and a Kong toy filled with treats to keep her occupied until one of us gets home. I also have a dog walker on stand by to go check she is ok. As the lad who we got her from said, the dog has to fit in with us and we are in charge. But look at this little face!!!! Staying in charge is hard!!! 
All the photos are from her first day with us, aged 8 weeks and two days . Little Miss Bluebell Flowers, we love you so much! 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *besotted* Radiostar xxx 

Ps. As I type this I'm not entirely sure I've not posted about her already! I'm trying out a prototype of typing and adding photos in my 'notes' app and I'm about to go copy and paste in Blogger!! A post about Slimming World should be posted later too..... here I go! 

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Little Miss Bluebell Flowers

Today, we travelled for two hours in the filthy rain to f i n a l l y go collect our brand new puppy. She is perfectly adorable and I am head over heels deep in puppy love with her. She’s been responding to her name, playing ‘find it’ and ‘fetch it’ perfectly and enjoyed some extremely stinky puppy treats for going in her bed. I write this after a few fraught 10 minutes stints of her crying and yelping but I have been strong. She has the blanket and towel that will smell of her home and a new teddy that I’ve had stuffed down my dress all day!! She’s also going to get an old pillow wrapped in my dress too after the Next wee break - about 1am! She’s 8 weeks old and I suppose she’s had a massive day! She’s done all her wees and poops outside too. She absolutely stinks but they wormed and fleaed her before we left so she can’t have a bath for 48hours. Gotta get to the vets too for her first jabs!
Her name has been up for debate for ages. Pre puppy birth, it was always going to be Rowan for a boy and Bluebell for a girl. However she then could have been ‘Shelby’ after The Peaky Blinders or Jenny Freckles after the Killers song, Jenny was a friend of mine and the cute little sun kisses on her nose!!
Mr 21, during one of these discussions, said, ‘Can’t we just call her like a normal name?’
I replied, ‘Like what?’
He answered, “I dunno, summat like Heide.”

!!!! Heidi !!! Lol

Anyway , we were registering her microchip earlier and there’s a space for the name. Her official Kennel Club pedigree name hasn’t arrived in the post yet, only one has so far and it’s not Bluebell’s so I’m not sure what it is yet. But her ‘Crufts’ name he suggested was Lady Bluebell Freckles!
Either way Little Miss Bluebell Flowers or Lady Bluebell Freckles, she is just perfect in every way! I shall now attempt to add plenty of photos for you to oooo and aaah over!

Lots of love from

Rachel *smitten* Radiostar xxx