Wednesday, 30 November 2016

How do you eat yours?

Malteasers - pop a whole one in, carefully chisel the chocolate off the outside, silently smug if you get it off in arcs! Then suck the honeycomb ball till it sticks to the roof of the mouth.

Yoghurts - Peel the lid away from you, to avoid being splattered and then lick it clean, blatantly ignoring any scaremongering of your parents warning you of the dangers of cutting your tongue, look on in horror if someone in your family uses a spoon to scrape the lid. Next is either use your tongue or finger to get the thick ridge of yoghurt around the rim of the pot. Eat the rest with a teaspoon. ( I am civilised you know )

Crisps - only if they are light in colour will they be eaten. Large ones, are held up and admired, then licked clean of all flavour before being crunched!

Fry's Turkish Delight - remove and eat all chocolate with teeth. These are excellent for this. Good thick chocolate! Eat squidgy pink stuff last.

Sunday Dinner - Always leave the Yorkshire till last to mop up any gravy. Look on aghast at your son ( remember he doesn't *do* gravy )  who eats them FIRST?!! What is this monster you raised?

Kitkats - chisel off the chocolate with teeth from all the top and sides ( you sensing a theme? ) but never the bottom. Then, disect , lengthways each layer of wafer and fondant. I just lolled at myself then, imagining being described in a David Attenborough documentary about the skills and dexterity I'm using to extract the goodness from the kit Kat.

Crunchies - one of my favourite chocolate bars - chisel and lift off slabs of chocolate off the top and sides. Not the bottom. It's generally too thin. Then suck a piece of honeycomb till it melts.

~~ I'm actually trying to think of a chocolate bar I DON'T chisel the chocolate off first, but am struggling!~~

Chips - must be barely brown and only just cooked. Causes no end of arguments in this house. The HG complains if the chips are anaemic. I hate dark chips. They are burnt to me.

Toast - the same as crisps and chips - barely brown! The HG calls it warmed bread. We have 'toaster control wars' in our house. I like it just done with butter and loads of jam. He likes it well browned with a scraping of butter and jam. What is wrong with him?!

Pasta - I actually like it if it's slightly over cooked. I don't like it al dente! Would you be surprised if I told you the HG likes his just done? I have to dish up tea in our house with military precision.

Soup served with bread - I never ever ever ever have buttered my bread to have with soup. He does.
Bacon butties - I never ever ever butter my bread for a bacon butty. He does. It's how we've been brought up differently!

What about you n yours?

Lots of love from

Rachel *hope I didn't gross you out too much* Radiostar xxx

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Cold hands, warm heart.

That's what my beloved Nanna used to tell me. Well, as I blog away here in my radiator less bedroom with open chimney in it, I'm reckoning my heart must be at blast furnace temperature.
Thank you to all those who mourned the passing of Little Theo in my last post.  He is buried at Miss 22's inlaws. Though I rather fancy she was seriously considering a state funeral, with the cavalcade driving slowly cross country to our house so he could be laid to rest with the remains of all his predecessors in our hamster cemetery. Maybe she thought people would line the streets and throw mini flowers like forget me nots at the car!

The red boots are still in the house and I may wear them today! I don't feel too Christmassy yet. I've bought a few presents but no wrapping done alas. It's not December yet anyway. But I can't wait to get my tree up. I've bought some teeny led lights on copper wire to wind in amongst my Kitchen silk flower display I've got going on on the window sill. It doesn't sound attractive but it's beautiful turquoises and I love it! I bought the lights at Asda after looking at them for weeks. I went to Asda for a top up shop last night. £70 just for basics. The HG is eating me out of house and home. I have set him with the task of meal planning next week. He complained and moaned but I said I a man sick of thinking what to have for tea all the time. It does my head in. I am quite happy , in fact, I adore eating left overs, but he has never ever done it with me. I think it stems from him having the same pan of stew on the go for the week when he and his dad had a bachelor pad together!
So far his suggestions have been - and I laughed because he started off by saying "and I don't want chips"
Cottage pie
Spag Bol
Mince pie - a plate pie, with chips and peas!!!
That's it so far. Well that's mince on the shopping list so far....
At least his appetite is back!

It's his birthday on Saturday, so once that's out of the way I can think about Christmas. The tree might go up earlier this year as it's Mr 19 who will be getting it down out the loft. I've just got to pre Christmas clean first. Furniture out and skirtings cleaned etc. That's a job for Sunday. The day of rest!!

I have made some Christmas sausage rolls though. They are in the freezer. I don't know if I showed you them already. Half of them I mixed the sausage meat with half a packet of pork and mushroom pate. Just to see. Oh my stars it was delicious! 

Right, I must away to my chores*

Lots of love from

Rachel*redboots* Radiostar

* Get washed n dressed for work!