Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Tuesday Recipe post 2 - veg and lots of it!

The recipes I've made today really couldn't be classified into my 'Manky Veg' series. There was still too much life and stiffness in them! They were a good 'week and a bit 'away from throwing out and therefore Manky.

I made a Vegetable and Bean stew from the Hairy Bikers .
An easy recipe using Auvergne, courgette,  ( of which i have LOTS thanks to generous allotment owning neighbours ) 
pepper, sweet potato, tinned tomatoes, tinned cannilini beans and paprika, chilli, coriander and thickened with a slake of corn flour. I've just to portion it up, some for the freezer as it makes LOADS!

At the same time, I roasted off a huge tray of :courgette, leek, tomato, banana shallot, carrot, yellow, red and green pepper, mushrooms and whole garlic cloves. They were all peeled and roughly chopped where applicable. And placed on the unwashed ( gasp) baking tray using the parchment ( it was like new ) from the ginger warning these can break your teeth biscuits. 10 squirts of that one cal sunflower spray. Sprinkling of salt, lemon pepper, parsley and black pepper and into a hot oven they went for ten minutes. I removed the tray and using the handy parchment
 I could toss the veg with no mess! Next I turned the oven down 20 for twenty minutes. Then I turned the oven off and left them to cool in there on the tray.

I'll be honest here. I'd been over to Pam's blog http://agoodlifeintydd.blogspot.co.ukand liked her idea of Veg hash. But by now I'd made biscuits and the stew, I simply CNBA to do anything else! It's in a Tupperware box in the fridge till tomorrow!

Ideas for my delicious tumble of roast veg ( calorie counted to 221 for the lot ) include
Soup, filling for a pie or a quiche, blending together and freezing as the hash until the depths of  Winter or simply mixing with some mayo and salad cream and leaves and having as a delicious salad tomorrow lunchtime!

What would you do?


  1. I would have to freeze it or we would eat it all, it is one of our favourite meals, we just have a flat bread to mop up the juices.

  2. What would I do? Wait for my invitation to come and help to eat it!!
    Jane x

  3. I'd have to hide it before it was eaten by my family! Thank you for visiting my little blog..... I laughed out loud at your ER medical knowledge, I felt exactly the same! My girl has eye issues but thankfully not as hard as your nephews, what a trauma for you all. Xx


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