Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Ginger biscuits - Tuesday recipe post 1

Somewhere in a very, very safe place is my HG's Aunty Olive's recipe for Ginger nuts. It makes the best ginger nuts ever. However, it is in that very, very safe place. You know what I'm talking about.  I store lots of important things in these very, very safe places. These safe places are usually TOP SECRET, they become top secret the millisecond you want any of the items stored there! We all have them!

So, on reading http://www.frugalqueen.co.uk/2013/08/buttery-gingernut-biscuits.html I thought I'd give them a try!

Firstly I weighed out the ingredients, ( Froogs costs hers out, mine; using the ingredients I had in, would cost more per biscuit than hers. ) which took about three minutes!  She did say it was a quick recipe! I did weigh out the syrup in grams rather than count tablespoons. Top tip, weigh out the sugar first, leave it in the scales dish, then weigh the syrup on top. The sugar slides the syrup out into the pan leaving no mess!

Following her instructions, I made the biscuits. They are currently cooling! They smell good!

Finally I worked out the approx calories for each biscuit. I made 36.
 100g butter ( I used can't believe it ) 540kcal
100g sugar ( I used 50g Demerara 50g golden caster ) 400kcal
350 self  raising flour 1137kcal
200g golden syrup 620kcal
2tspn ground ginger 4kcal

If you add that little lot up, it comes to an eye wateringly whopping 2702 calories. However, that's only if you eat the whole batch! One of my biscuits contains ( roughly ) 75 calories. PLUS you know EXACTLY what you are putting in your mouth! I would have used butter except I didn't have any. But if you read the chemical ingredients on the 'I can't believe it was on offer' which is why I bought it, you know EXACTLY what you are putting in your mouth!! 

P.S. Once I, ahem, find my *safely stored* Aunty Olive's recipe, I will share it with you! What have you made today? What have you got stashed in that *safe* place? 

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  1. They look yummy!! Did they pass the taste test? I must come round to sample some of your baked deliciousness soon... I miss your cakes!! x


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