Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ta Daaaaaaaah! .... Again.

Last night I wrote ( a much wittier entertaining post than you are going to read here ) my finished project post. I hit 'publish' and it published it in a parallel universe because it most definitely ain't on this one. I asked Twitter. NO help ! I asked Mr G. NO help! In desperation I turned to blogger itself. NO help. Grrrr. So here I am on Groundhog Day showing you my latest finished project! 
 It's a cardigan for Madeleine, Harry's big sister. She was five in February and on a trip to the North East to see the Uni one, I bought the wool and the pattern in a darling teeny tiny little wool shop. 

I started it as soon as I got home. Age 5-6. 
This was on a size 4 needle. I impressed myself with the neatness. The pattern knits up fairly quickly and I soon had the back and a front done. 

 Mads came round and I tried it up against her for size. I was a bit worried about the size, but it is a cropped cardi .... Anyway our Madeleine is a tall sturdy lass and this cardi at this size would have fit her for a DAY! So I pulled it all back, knit the next size up on a size 5 needle. Because I could! It didn't take long at all to get going and before long, I had a back, two fronts and a sleeve! 
 I admit, on the bigger needles, it's not quite as neat as the first one but I was still pleased. Then I came to a stop. I lost my knitting mojo. I started faffing around with cake pops! 
However, of course it needed finishing so off I went. Sleeve two was a right royal P.I. T. A ! Not once, or twice, but THRICE that swine was pulled back. I just couldn't concentrate! I hate sleeves at the best of time. Increasing alters the pattern and I'd made allowances but my holes were all over and the bobbles were random. Grrrrr. But then a miracle. The sun came out, I was off work and I sat in my garden and set to. Finished. Then to my sheer joy I discovered I had to go around the whole garment and pick up and knit for the frill. I'd not noticed a frill on the picture. I did the sleeves first.
Only had to pull it back once! Then a delightful 158 stitches round the back and fronts. Can you tell that I adore picking up and knitting evenly as much as I adore sleeves? Finally I was done! A three hour man hut found the button - isn't it a darling?

Et VOILA! A cardigan is born! 
I only hope she likes it! 
Do you? 

Btw a similar cardigan I spotted in Monsoon was £45
This is knit in Sirdar Wash n Wear doubleCrepe double knit and with the pattern and button cost approx £12 to make. I've plenty of wool left to make a matching bag I think. And I've plenty of other wool to use that I was given to knit another one ( in a while ) for free! 

*****NEWS JUST IN ******
I think she likes it! Bit of growing room too! 


  1. It looks lovely. I'm not much of a knitter although always mean to learn more but never seem to get around to it.

  2. What perseverance Rachel and you have come through in the end! The cardigan is gorgeous I just love the bobble bits and the button....definitely worth hunting for it.Madeleine looks as if she is delighted with it!

    Giveaway now open!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. I am in awe well done Rachel


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