Monday, 3 January 2011

Why? and knitting

Hmmmm, woke at 5.30. mentally went to my own 40th Birthday party that I'm not having. Booked the nightclub, The Lancashire Hotpots agreed to come and play as did Muse. I invited EVERYONE I know. We had a ball. We danced to  The Smiths, Dee lite groove is in the heart and yes we all changed into skin tight lycra jumpsuits for that song.
Sat upright at 8.30am - feck feck and double feck - it's bin day and I still have to recyclify a mountain of cardboard. I don't know where it came from. My children got NO toys this Christmas. Before you call childline on their behalf; they are teenagers and therefore toys are to be scorned. Once downstairs and discovering that Bin day is in fact tomorrow I was a bit miffed - but sorted the rubbish anyhoo because tomorrow is also rubbish because it is back to work.
I sat in the relative quiet by the lights of my beautiful tree which will sadly come down on the 6th and ripped cardboard into uniform squares.
I have some questions, that, because I am asking,confirms my fear of descent into middle age. Why, in my house, am I the only one qualified to put a new toilet roll on the holder ( from the fancy multiroll holder that sits DIRECTLY UNDERNEATH) the holder? Why am I the only one to realise that the kitchen bill is full and therefore it is pointless opening the lid and carefully balancing MORE rubbish on the top? Why is it that when I am washing up - ( Why will no one fix my dishwasher?; I have already diagnosed the fault - the heating element has failed ( Thank you handy dishwasher text book from Lancaster Library)) my afore mentioned offspring will come put a dirty pot/knife/glass down onto the worktop NEXT to the sink then scarper incase they have to pick up a tea towel?  Why, when I am sat  in peace and quiet just quietly watching my tree, the male members of the household will walk straight over to the TV and switch it on? Why am I about to faff around with the font?
( Beacuse I can )
 Knitting -
Why is there no comic sans on here?
I am knitting a cardigan for my niece. It needed 178 stitches. My needles were not long enough so I have dipped my toe in the uncharted waters ( for me ) of circular needles. Can you believe I asked the lovely knitting stall lady how do I stop my stitched falling off the other end? *hangs head in shame* I was afraid of this style of knitting...however I am in LOVE. It is so easy - I never want to knit on straight needles ever again. Apparently I find it easy because I am not an UN. ( Under arm Knitter - oops that should be UK) so am going to take some photos of the cardi's progress and try to figure out how to put them on here.
OPTW update - after trying Kym Marsh's fitness DVD yesterday - happy to report slightly achy muscles which indicates I warmed up and cooled down correctly AND  I feel like I did something worthwhile. Also I saved 3 patients in the trauma center and got Prof Layton and Luke to the Hotel Lobby. All in all a good day's work.
Why is there only me who knows how to empty the tumble drier?

oooo it seemed to have worked! 
Right - off to knit some more. Will stop posting about OPTW as if folk know what I am upto - it stops me in my tracks! No one is reading this anyway so it matters not a jot! I have also vowed to best friend in America ( Who I AM going to tell about this) that I will enter at least one competition a day - so off I go. Please all you out there cross your none existent fingers for me!


  1. I don't believe you that you're knitting a cardigan, I think you're knitting yourself a tutu! I'll dance with you, if you make me one too! :D

    So excited to see you blogging, I love you to pieces & will read every word.

    And then if you don't update, I'll nag the heck out of you! ;)

  2. This is so exciting - I am fed up that I have to go to work now.....and cannot play in this new world!


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