Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Jumper being worn and ebay angst

Here is little Harry, wearing his newborn sized Arran sweater I knitted for him. Here is the shortened final labour story.
Lisa went into transition at 8.02pm, after me getting locked in the loo much to the mirth of everyone, Lisa PLUS gas n air cannister PLUS Drip and drip holder PLUS midwife PLUS me on plastic chair as she endured toilet contractions to open up that last little bit of pelvic area ( doesn't sound painful when typing it), then "dash" to bed as contractions were just crescendoing one after an other, a clamber onto bed, much weeping and "Give me an epidural" and "I can't do it",and "I'm not doing it" and  "I'm going home now" and "I can't do it" and "Get me a doctor and  let them get it out" and "Just get it out " ( pauses whining to knock concerned sister's hand out the way from mopping fevered brow) and "It hurts and I'm tired" all from Lisa - with the tennis match being counter struck with Midwife Mutterings. " Lisa, it's too late for epidural."  " Lisa you are doing so well." Lisa it won't be long." Lisa keep upright." ANd Midwife Rachel mutterings. " Lisa quit using your time between contractions to REST".  " Lisa, you are NOT having an epidural. " Lisa you can do it." " Lisa you WILL do it." " That's it....BREEEEATHE"  In the meantime Midwife Rachel was trying to hold her precious labouring sister ON THE BED as Lisa was intent on getting off and in the pain and nightmare of transistion was completely out of all concious thought was moving around like a ( sorry Lisa but it's true) wounded bull elephant. The two lovely midewives were opening packets and filling out paperwork - I was relaying this - " Lisa they  are getting the pack ready - it won't be long you are doing really well keep going not much longer etc etc etc. Then she declared she was too tired to go on I said I WILL RING MUM. she got up on her haunches, leaned her head into the bed and PUUUUUUUUUUUUSHED and I could see the head. " "LisaIcanseetheheadicanseetheheadwelldoneicanseethehead. " Midwife was saying listen to your body you can do it. She squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezed and out came this perfect little head.
Me by now crying said o it's head is out! we waited for next contraction and Harry was delivered all safely and perfectly at 8.06pm. I declared " It's a boy" I think we all breathed a sigh of relief.
TIME TAKEN FOR ALL OF THE ABOVE FROM BATHROOM  DASH -( I do use that word completely  tongue in cheek - we were tripping over the drip,  the gas and air and the midwife and I were doing that communicating with our eyes as to not alarm Lisa as in SHIT SHE IS READY!!!!! - TO BIRTH - FOUR MINUTES!!!!

Phew - it only seems like a moment ago. I think it was more painful and frantic than the birth of his older by 14months old brother William. :) The midwife did make a point of saying see you next year girls, Lisa said NO WAY!
How mean of her to deny my further hands on learning Midwife career.

Well - pink cardigan is all there except for one sleeve - because I committed the heinous crime of NOT BUYING ENOUGH WOOL. What a KNITwiT. so I found some on ebay to be out bid in the last minute prob as I refreshed by fiftyfuckingpee. I was the only bidder up til that point and it was a reet billybargain too. So I am in a MAssiVE sulk and I HATE with a passion the lousy idiot who won MY wool.
I am now going to share my blog with the star of the blog so far...and see what she thinks!!!!!


  1. hmmmmmm, it doesn't sound so painful when you type it lol. Rachie you were a star, am sure it was the threat of calling mum that re-focussed my mind har har. And to all others reading it was very painful indeed and I do NOT recommend trying the toilet way at all. Good job it was ensuite lol

  2. By rights you should be mattnmadnwillsnharry!!! Did you read all?


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