Monday, 24 January 2011

More infuriating questions

WHY, when he can be doing it for real, does my man insist on watching show after freakin show of bloody Holmes on Homes where we get to sit through a smug rich American smugly do up the house of another sug rich American talking ALL THE TIME in bloody AMERICAN accents. Sorry Eryn, this is no way an attack on your dulcit tones - but I HATE HATE HATE the way these shows are soooooooooooooooooooooo over produced and they repeat the same clip and sound bite over and over and I CANNOT STAND THESE PROGRAMMES. Mr RDS bloody loves them. OC choppers.( smug rich Americans, but with motorbikes), This Ol House ( smug rich American, but with stupid hair and MASSIVE workshop filled with every power tool a smug rich American could want) Dog the Bounty Hunter ( smug rich American but with ridiculous wife and stupid hair but with big black cars and arrest warrants). Miami Ink ( smug rich Americans but with tattoo shops) get the drift of my rant? Now I want to go live in the land of the wild and free so bad it makes my heart ache. Tell me, if I do - will smug rich americans be waiting round every corner to do up my house, tattoo my fat arse, build me a shaker style bookcase and build me a new bike?  I will love it all - especially as I will be moving into the house next to Mitch and Cam and Lily!!!!! Almost ALL of MY favourite TV shows are American. God bless you!!! ER.
minute's silence there for Marc. Oh how I wept when you died.....still traumatised!
I just think it's envy - at the fact these lovely folk who have been ripped off ARE GETTING THEIR HOUSE DONE UP.  I have so much house jobs need to be done angst right now. Normally I aint arsed...but today? I am in one of those FFS GET IT DONE MOODS. I understand that he goes out at 7am to work outside ( yes folks doing up other peopl'e houses) til 6pm. I go to work too - and today has been a right challenge - the kids in my class were utterley vile. Sometimes I really loathe other people's children.
 I come home, to the lovely chorus of hi Mum, we missed you, tell us about your day, put your feet up.......*snaps back to reality.....
the chorus of..
" What's for tea"
Sigh. Still, I really, truly would not change a single thing. Well, except for  the hall way -  surely just SOME of the crap could be shifted???


  1. If you don't start using paragraphs, I'm going to lose my mind.

    I have just decided that reality tv should be banned. If it's not making you (& by you, I mean us) crazy about our crumby (but warm & dry!) houses, they make me (& maybe you!) crazy at how stupid people can be.

    Tell your husband he has horrid taste in TV ;)

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  3. Re paragraphs - what can I say? I was cross - it all spilled out in a jumbly mess and I don't rant in paragraphs!
    I am sorry. I won't let it happen again! x


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