Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Divided and Conquered

Done it. Hard day at work. Eyebrows child very difficult! The topic of the day was self discipline and the EC failed to realise that all of the relevant information and discussions were massively applicable to it.
Healthy tea of two over cooked dried up fishfingers served with balncing it out over cooked soggy veg. Not my finest efforts. 20 flumps cheered me up no end!
quick lot of pics up because I am on a promise!!!!!
                                              Back done and becuase we have an important event to attend tomorrow I carried on.
Two important events actually - it is Epiphany and therefore 12th night and therefore tree putting away ceremony - a very solomn occasion.

 My very clever and well brought up son has won a school prize ( much to his disgust I think - what with being 13 and everything, very quiet and likes his life on the edge - no not the adrenaline edge - the edge where no one is looking and leaving him the hell alone) ( think he gets his hermitness from me). \we do not know what this prize is. I so hope it isn't going to be a worst hander in of homework prize goes to......
Daily I ask the H question to be told " None"..So you can see my trepidation. Tune in tomorrow to see what he won!
 So cardi back and fronts finished...just figured out how to switch time and date on my camera so I will remember how long it took me!

Wonder if anyone is actually looking in?
Rachel :)


  1. I did not poet this at 15 25 as it says on my view - its 23 27 and i am tired and well aware of typos - will fix tomorrow if I CBA

  2. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr POST not peot. TUT.

  3. Is it maybe set to US time? Nobody will look at your time stamps, I promise ;)

    So what was the award? You didn't miss it with the bebe on the way, right?

    Maybe I should just read up...


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