Thursday, 18 June 2015


I tried my best to burn down my house tonight! 
I'd made a delicious carbonara for tea and was sat eating it: about halfway through the meal I began mentally complaining about the selfish neighbours with a bonfire. I then complained out loud. 
"Can you smell smoke?" I enquired of the usually nasally rubbish HG. 
"Yes." Was his shocking reply. Shocking because he normally cannot smell anything. 
As I neared the kitchen door I could hear what could only be described as 'sissing'. 
Hesitantly I opened the door into the kitchen. Thick. Black. Smoke! 
Cheeky neighbours lighting their bonfire in my kitchen.. 
Ok ok I confess, I'd left the pan I'd made the carbonara in, on the hob. The sissing sound was the sound of the induction hob casually melding the innards of the pan. The delightfully eye stinging black smoke was coming from the well n truly almost alight wooden spoon!! 
Yikes! Close call there. 
Pan is saved. But rather like Shireen Baratheon, the spoon is well and truly burned to ashes! Game of Thrones reference there. I'm still distraught over the end of the series. ( Heck, I'm still distraught about what they did to Ned Stark. )
 So my Firstborn turned 21 and was thoroughly spoilt! The cake turned out better than I thought considering I just basically whacked various grades of ganache at it. Due to extreme tiredness,plus working full time, piping really wasn't an option. 
The cake was cut through several times and slathered in cream. 
I added some ganache coating and used a little knife to create a cupcake case sequel effect... 
There is a full 600ml of double cream on and in this cake! 

The little Beatrix Potter candles have been in my drawer for ooooo 21years waiting for this day! They were bought for her when she was baby. 
Mrs Tiggywinkle is my favourite. 

Ma in law is home and safely ensconced at the HG's Sister's house and is recovering nicely. Thank you all for your well wishes. 
Right am off to bed now as its gone Midnight! 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *overtired* Radiostar xxx 



  1. When I posted the "what would you save from a burning house" post, I didn't expect you to take it so seriously!!

    1. LOL Tracey!! I think we might be having salad for tea tonight! No danger of dying from a lettuce leaf preparation !

  2. Love your cake and beautiful candles, so easy to start a fire, I am manic always checking every thing is off!

    1. The birthday girl blew them out in one puff thank goodness!

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers! Am rather chuffed at how it turned out x

  4. We do this occasionally as well! Catriona

    1. There's more accidental pyromaniacs out there than I thought!!

  5. Ah but you didn't burn it down and live to see another day. Great birthday cake and wonderful candles.

  6. Oh my goodness, what a close shave.
    Love the cake

  7. that is not a low calorie cake! Looks fab.

    Had to laugh about the pan and the smoke. I once boiled a saucepan of peas dry, burnt every pea, welded them to the pan, and had to chuck it out. Impossible to clean.

    it's easy done I tell you!

    Lovely to meet you by the way :O)

    1. I admit to carrots cooked in the same fashion!! I've also exploded eggs! That smell is rather special!

  8. That was a close call wasn't it. Birthday cake came out well considering time constraints. I love the candles and what a great idea to have saved them all this time and remember where they were. Mrs T is my favourite too. Glad mother in law making a good recovery.

  9. I have 'a drawer' in the kitchen full of stuff! Some of that 'stuff' has been in there a long long time!


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