Monday 17 July 2017

M. I. A.

My poor poor neglected blog. If you were a cake you'd be rock hard and stale. If you were weeds in the garden, you'd be a jungle. It's not that I don't love you, I truly do. I've just had other stuff to doooooo. I promise I will put the effort in and chat nonsense to you about my daily non adventures real soon. ( approximately after Thursday!)
Here's  some highlights  of the last few weeks.

 Tasted so delicious! Hunter gathered by my HG!

 How Miss 23 captures these shots I don't know!


 I just love this one! He epitomises pure joy of living.

 My absolute favourite flower in bud and.....

 One of my birthday presents from the HG was this signed copy of 100 Quilts by Stuart Hillard. 

Right, little blog, I've The Perfect Storm on TV to watch even though I know the ending. It doesn't stop me wanting a different outcome every time. In fact I have been known to cross my fingers and hope  that they make it! 

Lots of love for now 
Rachel *still here * Radiostar xx


  1. Hope you have a good summer of relaxing once term ends!

  2. Those pictures of Freddy are wonderful.And such a pretty flower.
    I need to get myself back in gear and start writing again. I am getting there it's just that there has been sooooo much to do.

  3. Amazing Freddie pics! Your HG is so thoughtful, one to treasure!!

  4. I love keeping the blog up to date but have fallen behind i=on replying to comments. It is downhill all the way since i found how much fun it is to dye yarn.

  5. Oh that Freddie. Isn't he just the happiest looking little doggy ever?

    Can't wait to hear more from you....after Thursday.


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