Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Flaming June 2017

Well, it was until Miss now 23 went home after a lovely birthday. It's more like Damp Squib June. And that kinda describes my mood. Damp squib. Every single fecking day getting up to the rain is bringing me down. I'm being overly dramatic here as we've had a couple of none rainy days but it's that fine stuff that soaks you through. It's too warm for coats and boots. I've a pair of flip flops that don't matter if they get wet but one squeaks. That's annoying me. For the first time in a lot of years I'm actually wishing we had more days left at school because I'm enjoying my work and I've also seventy trillion jobs still to do. I'm just so pushed for time and energy.

I've taken loads of photos for the blog but seriously cannot be faffed with the faff of using blogger on my iPad to add them. I've lots of crafting I want to do but haven't started. The garden us looking so beautiful but I can't sit in it with the rain - which is dashing some of my plants to the ground. I can't peg out.

We are also waiting for a scan appt. the Royal we that is. I haven't updated the other blog which this scan pertains to. Suffice to say, the last appointment didn't go to plan. It was inconclusive. Hence repeat scan.  Permalimbo is really really shit. But limbo is preferable to what I fear is coming. I think it explains the black cloud mood following me around.

 Somebody slap me! I've so much to be grateful for. My birthday was lovely, truly lovely and I received lots of lovely cards and presents for which I'm truly thankful. I'm not even arsed about being 46.

One bright point I'll leave here for my future reference is that at school, whilst teaching my favourite class last week, one little person informed me that they'd had to fill in a school questionnaire for their end of year reports.
I was told that to the question
Q. What do you like best about coming to school?
A. Thursdays and sometimes Fridays because that's when Miss Radiostar comes to teach us.

Immediately lifts my mood and keeps me going! I of course truthfully told them that teaching them was my favourite part of the week!

Lots of love from

Rachel *Now forty six years old * Radiostar xx


  1. Oh my love,I have no words to express my feelings. Not knowing is the very worst place to be. My son had total renal failure and had transplants, the third of which was brilliant for a long time. Treatment has come on in leaps and bounds since then and dialysis is so much better. Love and hugs to you all. xx

  2. What a treat to see a post from you this morning. I do miss you.

    So sorry that you are feeling down. I hope that black cloud buggers off soon.

    I'm glad you had a nice birthday though and bless that child for saying that....what a lovely boost for you.

    Take care of yourself.

  3. I've missed your entries so it's nice to have you back, even if you're feeling a bit gloomy. A great shame about the weather - has it been wet for long?
    My fingers are very crossed for the repeat scan. Much love
    J xxxxx

  4. Those little people have the knack of timing, give the little one an extra hug. Move down to Hampshire, we always have low rain fall, lovely until the watering of gardens start. I hope you are feeling good soon.

  5. Belated Happy Birthday. Lovely to hear you have had a good school year and brilliant kids.
    As for weather. We had 1 inch of rain a week ago and nothing since - the sun just keeps on shining here !! (sorry!)

  6. I tried to blog on the iPad at the van once, never again so I understand you not being up to faffing around with it.

    Waiting for results is horrible. I always think not knowing what's going on is worse than knowing even if it's bad news, at least you know where you stand and you can start to deal with things - like you say permalimbo is horrible. We've all got lots to be grateful for but that shouldn't mean we can't moan or talk about things that are worrying us so I'm certainly not giving you a slap - have a big hug instead.

    We've had SATS results today. Thomas did well and I hope the pupils at your school are happy with their results. We have lots coming up the next couple of weeks and I've been wondering about your Oscar/Awards evening that you organise - are you doing that again this year? What a lovely thing your pupil said about you. Every word is true. xx


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