Tuesday 4 October 2022

Much better thank you!

 Thank you lovely Joy and Jenn, I’m perfectly fiiiine apart from the aftermath muscle pain that feels like I’ve done hours at the gym! More miffed that I’d had a ‘wasted’ weekend. The weather was gorgeous and I had plans to fettle the garden. 

Anyhoo back to work yesterday as per and all is well. Today, they are dragging me out of retirement and sending me and my friend also a seasoned pro off to the swimming baths with what’s been billed as the worst class in the school! 

Not for me they won’t be. My friend and I are very much old school firm but fair, no nonsense types! So I shall report back. The issue is they are a chatty lively bunch. And that’s ok, but the teacher in school who, in my opinion, is FAR too over familiar with the children warned them that that was it, they were banned from swimming forever ( which obvs she cannot do as it’s curriculum) the she went in and relented. I have never ever strived the way she seems to to get the kids to like me. It’s not a popularity contest. 

I could go down a very long bitter rant here but I wonder if it’s the voice of experience raging against the machine harking back to the good old days! 

I’m glad my children are not being taught in that school. It’s a very different place and the teaching methods and schemes I strongly dislike. I love the job I’m doing now, making a difference - such small steps other staff may not even realise it on a day to day basis - to the lives of the children and their families that need it. I am not a soft touch with them either!! 

Delayed gratification, patience, manners and good old fashioned values are at the chore of what I do! 

TV wise - I read Sooze’s blog and she is a Strictly super fan. I’m only three series old as a fan but she mentioned something about the stars on this year’s series that I wanted to echo! LOVE Will Mellor but like she said, his week one was far better. On the whole I think Kym Marsh wasn’t as good as I anticipated, the one off Loose Women ( with my favourite crush pro dancer ) was better than I thought, 

Matt Goss- he was a beautiful to look at young boy back in the day when we all adored him and wore Grolsh beer bottle tops on our shoes. I was never a Brosette but I did appreciate his sheer beauty. What I saw on TV last Saturday was a really really stricken person, so uncomfortable with his self - his facial features frozen with procedures, he was quietly spoken and to me clearly therapied up to his frozen eyebrows. I honestly thought he looked like a tortured soul. I was very concerned for his mental health and well-being.  It’s what the game and fortune brought him. He does have a beautiful voice and he is quite a good songwriter but I think preserving that past has clearly taken its toll. He was awkward, self conscious and I wanted to go and rescue him. 

His week one dance showed how nervous he was. Week two - supercringey and those tight white trousers were not at all appealing! but I could see he had relaxed a little. Hats off to the pros who are helping the celebs do all these things. I am hooked. I’m still of the opinion that last year was the best year for talent and I’m still gutted for AJ and her broken leg! ( Get me the expert after 3 years watching! ) 

All creatures great and small is back and gives that charming, relaxed, old fashioned Sunday night family viewing feeling to me. Frozen Planet is stunning but brutally horrific at times.

I am LOVING LOVING Sarah Lancashire in Jillian that is on Sky Atlantic or Skymax if you can get that. She is playing Julia Childs who I love. She’s like the USA version of Fanny Craddock I guess. I first heard of her after watching the film Julia and Julia with Meryl Steep years ago. It’s one of the reasons I started my blog, because there is a blogger in that film, cooking the recipes and then blogging about them. I was intrigued as to what this bloggy world was about! 

Anyway on the programme, Julia appears on a TV show to promote her book - teaching Americans how to cook the French way, and she makes an omelette live on tv. Something that has never ever been seen before - I do knot k ow if this is true - I am going to do some more digging into her life - and I have now made 4 omelettes the Julia Child’s way! 

I’ve never been an amazing omelette maker and I’m certainly not now and the basics are the same! But I like the way these taste more than the ones I’ve made in the past! Had one yesterday for lunch with a portion of my homegrown homemade sundried ( done in the oven ) tomatoes and it was just delicious! Having the same today! Same omelette, flash off hahahaha

Right  best get my wriggle on and get dressed! 

Have a great day all - off to update my other blog! 

Love from Rachel *get to work on time by skin of her teeth* Radiostar xx


  1. I'm with you on Strictly, my Paracise tutor is smitten with Matt Goss, sadly I can't see the attraction and thought he was a bit odd. I never noticed all that facial work but now you mention it .... Wonder whether she still feels the same now, I'll find out tomorrow. It's a shame Kay Adams is out, I always liked her, hated what they did to her hair, she looks so much nicer with her usual hair cut, but then that's Strictly! Yes, yes, yes to All creatures and frozen planet!!

    Your omelette looks good, what makes it taste different? I have a love/hate relationship with them, my husband loves them, I hate cooking them and am a bit indifferent to eating them.

    Hope you enjoyed the swimming sessions, it'll be good for the children to have somebody sensible guiding them and I'm sure they will respond well.

  2. One of the first things I was taught at College of Education in 1970 (it's had to believe it was that long ago) is NEVER, EVER say something to your class that you are not either able or prepared to carry through to the end, if necessary. I'm afraid that teacher has made a rod for her own back there. I hope you had a lovely time with that sparky class.

    So glad you are feeling a lot better now. xx

  3. I've watched strictly since it started L was only about 2. When she was 5 she started dance classes so let her stay up to watch it and she would dance all around the living room to each dance then chatter all the way through the comments. She now has her own home and I'm still watching but i think they should go back to doing the results on the same night.
    Love the look of your omelette. Mine alwa6s end up looking like scrambled eggs.


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