Thursday, 31 December 2020

Day eleventy one

 In the Radiostar Mansion,

She got up at 6am and marvelled at the white frosty clear morning - frost on the grass = nice hard poos to pick up! One must find delight where one can. She had a frothy coffee and a pint of water and a cuddle off a Springer Spaniel or two. 

She ate the rest of the Thorntons, a whole load of cheeeese and a banana.  She changed the shower curtain. She washed dishes, clothes, pots and herself. She pumiced her feet. She jigsawed and facetimed her friend who is bedridden with covid. She watched the news and went into Tier 4. decided it makes not a jot of difference but she did go online and secured a delivery slot as planned anyway. She will be back at work on the 4th so she will enjoy what's left of her freedom. 

She planned to make healthy chips in her actify then thought bugger it for another day and used the pint of leftover cream on dauphinoise potatoes. ( with leftover roast beef and green beans. She also watched the very funny Christmas Edition of Motherland. The tree is still up. And will remain so until the 6th. 

She says TTFN, normal service might return tomorrow. Might. 

She also says it’s now NYE and she forgot to press publish! Dopey mare. 


  1. Normal activities for this time of year, I'm up to my nose in laundry, bed stripped, every where dusty until dec's come down next week. Lazy afternoon planned as I'm kn*ckered.

  2. It sounds like she has had a wonderful time. Happy New Year to her and thank you for all the chuckles. xxxxx

  3. Haha what a lovely story it sounds like she has it sussed just right I'm not so sure about the flurry of housework as in the changing of shower curtain and the washing of dishes though. Enjoy the rest of your time off and all the very best for 2021.

  4. Happy New Year's Eve to you. It can only get better! (Your eating habits sound much like mine). -Jenn

  5. Trying to be healthier, I didn't get many chocolates in for Christmas this year. Seeing your empty chocolate box makes me wish I had now :)
    Happy New Year, Rachel. Xx

  6. She sounds like she had a perfect day :) Happy New Year to you and yours. Hope 2021 is a good one for you all. And best wishes to your friend for a speedy recovery. Covid is a nasty little bugger! xx

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    1. Hi, Id love to follow your blog back if you have one x


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