Thursday, 10 January 2019

32 Weeks Old

This one has led the HG a right merry dance this afternoon. Coming back on the whistle, but tantalisingly out of reach and then quickly bogged off again! I'm sure she is part greyhound, the speed she can run off at!!!

Little Miss Bluebell Flowers, looks like butter wouldn't melt! ( what does that even mean?? )

Lots of love from
Rachel *had to go help get the dog back and had to squeeze through some railings to do so* Radiostar xx


  1. Oh, bad girl, LMBF. That look of innocence is not fooling us!

  2. I read your comment, looked at 1st photo and thought 'butter would not melt in her mouth' read further down and laughed. We had a boxer dog who some days did the same, he was telling us he had more energy and was going to use it all up before going home.

  3. Springers are wonderful things.
    Their tops are made out of rubber,
    their bottoms are made out of springs.
    They can turn their bones to liquid in a nano second and slither through your hands to bounce away.
    I was mad enough to have 3 at a time.
    I know better now.

    1. Pam you have hit the nail upon its head with this description of a Springer....

  4. Mark my words, Miss Bluebell Flowers has the devil in her, but by eck she's a gorgeous looking little bugger m'dear!


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