Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Peeks into Blogland to say hello.

I'm building up to a mahoosive show and tell epic post. This is the truth! It really means I've so many unfinished things on the go that one day I will finish something!

Our beautiful niece married her handsome chap in a truly wonderful wedding this weekend and it was lovely to be a part of the celebrations. It was lovely to spend a full weekend with loved ones and much laughter was had. She looked gorgeous. My friend described her as beautiful, wispy and gorgeous. Sadly, after seeing the photos of me - I will never ever be described as 'wispy'.

The wedding day venue was Poppleton Tithe Barn. Even the title is charming! Google it. It's a full on proper historic building.  The wedding breakfast was pie n mash. Then we were transported to Haxby for the evening where everyone danced the night away to a live band. Pizza and chilli and chips if you had room!

 I'm going to risk bringing on a temper tantrum by showing you a few pics.

Some minutes later...THRICE I HAVE TRIED.

 The barn and garden.

 Instant glamour! ( Look at my 'opposite of wispy' fingers. )
 Aunts Rachel's emergency safety pins to the rescue of the bunting.


 The flowers were lovely.

 The HG looked smart and look at his fancy tie knot!

Finally, the new Mr and Mrs. 

The honeymoon is travelling around the world for five weeks. How exciting! 

Oh well, best get a wriggle on. It's 16C at 7.30am. Doesn't bode well for the none wispy of us.....

Lots of love from 

Rachel *hot n bothered* Radiostar xxx


  1. Missing you - it's lovely to read a post.
    J xxx

  2. Love a wedding, always full of happy people. Wispy is overrated!!!

  3. Oh, you can't beat a good wedding and it sounds like a great time was had by all. The setting looks beautiful and the happy couple look...well...very happy. How exciting to go travelling like that.
    I will look forward to your mahoosive post and in the meantime I will admire your very glamorous nails knowing they wouldn't last five minutes on my fingers. X

  4. Yay...what a lovely surprise to see a post from you this morning......I do miss you.

    The wedding looks really lovely. Pizza and chilli and chips for the evening...just perfect.
    When my son got married there was a nice cosy close family meal at a restaurant straight after the ceremony but the best thing was the evening do. I made huge bowls of assorted salads and did a salad bar and then Andy arranged for pizzas to be delivered. Everybody thought it was a fab idea and I think it has been copied quite a lot since...lol.

    As a non wispy myself I am eyeing the thermometer a bit suspiciously....it is creeping up today even though it's wet and grey outside.

    Have a fab week.
    Not long until summer break now.

  5. Hello! It all looks lovely - glad you had a good time (and I'll never by wispy either), x


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