Friday 22 April 2016

Monday's Child is....

The old rhyme goes 
Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace, 
Wednesday's child is full of woe
Thursday's child has far to go
Friday's child is loving and giving 
Saturday's child works hard for a living
But the child that is born on the Sabbath Day is
Bonny and blithe and good and gay. 

Mr 19 is Monday - I think he is fair of face, beautiful in his Mother's eyes ( and all the young ladies hmmmmm )
Miss 21 is Friday, like me and my beloved Nanna - who used to tell me this rhyme. All three of us are definitely loving and giving. Although I used to be bitterly disappointed that I wasn't born on a Sunday because I wanted to be bonny! 
The HG is full of grace, apparently. Well he dances like Suggs from Madness to every song, I suppose he glides up and down ladders all day and he's very polite and well mannered! 

Mr 19 had a lovely birthday at work! Welcome to being a grown up, son! He got money which has been stashed in his car fund and a few things he'd asked for. 
I won again at Mother of the year by failing to have any candles in for the cake. My friend almost reported me to Social Services for suggesting I could just put a tea light on top, so off to the shops I went! 
Mr 19 pointed out that I'd only used 16 candles! 
I pointed out to Mr 19 that he wasn't too old for a slap, birthday or not! 
He wasn't too old to have Happy Birthday sang badly to him and to blow his candles out and make a wish! Ahhhh. 
Just as he asked, chocolate fudge cake with plain fondant icing. In fact,  I could have probably got away with sticking the candles into a block of fondant icing! 

I spent yesterday from 3pm in the garden. I cleaned the table. I watched Mr Blackbird come very close to eat up all the goodies I put out for him. I finished the book I was reading. It was a page turner. Totally unputdownable but left me a bit 'meh' at the end. What I didn't realise, was how strong the sun was and I came inside with two very red arms with bright white Vs  at the elbows where my arms had been bent holding the book! 
I put loads of blue and purple tulip bulbs in last October and the ones out the back are finally blooming! 
( Please excuse the fascia board, the HG seems to think it's perfectly reasonable to store it behind my blooms! ) 
They look redder in the photo than they actually are. 
The ones in the front are frillier! And a different shade, almost black according to the packet. However, they are not showing off yet, so we will have to wait! 

Victoria Wood 
She was my first and original comedy hero ( pre Dawn French ). I'm funny because of her. I was really sad to hear she had died. 
One of my favourite sketches of hers was shown in her Midlife Christmas show. It was a spoof advert about all the accident helplines there are. I think I've mentioned it before. I've looked for a clip online but haven't found it. Slippedonachipdotcom! I can hear her voice doing it. Claim to fame here. When I were a lass, she lived not far from me and my Dad fixed her car! 
A true comedy legend. A very funny, clever person indeed. 

Right, this Friday is twinged with the sadness that it's the Friday before I'm back at work Monday Friday. I'm not sure what I'll get up to, but I'll enjoy it whatever it is! We are off to see Miss 21 tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to seeing her :-) 

Lots of love from 

Rachel * What day of the week were you born on and are you like what it says you are?* Radiostar xxx 


  1. I like this from The Guardian's on Victoria Wood:-
    Let’s be clear, though, what kind of national treasure Wood actually was. She died in London on Wednesday, but Wood was a northern, English, working-class, Lancastrian and Mancunian female treasure. She was the authentic voice of an optimistic, decent, unpretentious, take-people-as-they-come, mucking-in sort of Britishness that is almost always ignored when the posh and the populist try to define this country’s virtues, but which still binds people together every bit as strongly as any monarch.

    1. I'd not seen that Philip. True words indeed.

  2. Those tulips are gorgeous. I love the colour, especially if they are darker than the photos indicate!
    My birth day is a Thursday. Far to go, eh? I don't think that's right! :-)
    J x

    1. Well, think about it. Thursday's child has far to go, it a long walk to the allotment ?!!
      But all the education you gave to the sent them well on their way, your words on your blog reach far and wide, you still have far to go with your online. Sewing empire!

  3. I hope my son doesn't want candles this year.....he will be thirty three.

    So, so sad about Victoria Wood......and now Prince as well. It's awful.

    I was born on a Monday but I am definitely not 'fair of face' lol-x-

    1. If he doesn't have candles how will he make a birthday wish??!!!
      I think you are fair of face lovely lady xx

    2. I think one giant candle should net him a good

  4. Thursday - far to go. Explains the wanderlust then. PS I love tulips x

    1. I don't know anyone who doesn't like a tulip!

  5. Glad Mr 19 enjoyed his birthday. I actually thought the tealight was quite ingenious so I'd obviously not get Mother of the year either.

    I'm a Wednesday child! Full of woe. I hope not, I like to think I look on the bright side, all things considered. Amy and Mark are both loving and giving and Thomas is full of grace. I definitely drew the short straw.

    Victoria Wood was fab wasn't she, I can't believe she's gone, she used to crack me up and she was brilliant in Housewife 49.

    Enjoy your visit to Miss 21. Will you be like the Red Cross taking parcels of supplies or are they pretty good at fending for themselves? xx

    1. They are pretty self sufficient but my Ma in law brought her a bag of 'mergency tins of corned beef, tuna, peaches and a couple packet of crisps!
      She used to give me these 'Red Cross ' parcels Everytime we went! Sometimes it was v exciting as the labels were off the tins and we never knew what we were going to get! Bless her!

  6. I'm Monday's child and fair of face - oh yes!

    1. I think fair of face means smiley, and you strike me as a very smiley lady X

  7. I remember that verse & quite possibly had a set of knickers as a child with each day on. I'm snorting now as google has informed me that I am Tuesdays child. Full of grace I am not!! Lovely tulips & cake. I'm going to cover my sons cake with candles in June all 22 of them. You know before he emigrates to Mauritius three weeks later. xx

    1. How DARE he go off and have a very adventurous life with no consideration to his poor mama! Bloody kids!

  8. I'm Saturday's child work hard for a living. I sure do, or did I'm looking for a new job, so will be again,

    1. Fingers crossed you find something suitable soon Carol X

  9. Friday (trying to live up to it ..) Really sad about Victoria Wood. Her premature passing affected me more than any of the other stars that were dimmed this year.
    Enjoy your last weekend and your visit to Miss 21.

    1. Yes! I agree. I was genuinely devastated over her. I still can't quite believe it.

  10. Happy Birthday to Mr 19!!! Hope you had a good weekend. No idea what day I was born on, must look that up sometime! xx

  11. Glad Mr 19 had a good birthday. And, yes, so sad about Victoria Wood. I was surprised just how upset I was about someone I had never met dying but I think that so many people had such a response shows how funny, clever and true her writing was.


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