Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Cake with raspberries

My work chum's husband works in my favourite place in the world and lodges on a farm. The Farmer's wife gives him spare eggs to bring home and I get some too! They are, bar none, THE best eggs I've ever had. So pretty to look at too! 
They make the yellowest, creamiest scrambled egg on crumpets ever! 

I just made a basic all in one 3 egg/6oz flour, butter, sugar sponge.
For the filling, I spread a thin layer of raspberry jam on each half. I whipped some double cream with a few drops of my new raspberry essence and folded in some fresh raspberries. 
The top is simply some of the raspberry essence cream, with the extra berries. It is delicious- even if I say so myself! The cake is light and airy and soft. I blame the eggs! 
In other news.... I don't actually have any news! 
I have not started my next knit yet. I've not actually decided what to knit. What should I knit next?

Love from Rachel 'cake face' Radiostar xxx


  1. Well cake face you could knit me a scarf for my autumnal and wintery waking... Something earthy yet with a hint of your mischievous sparkle?


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