Thursday, 9 January 2014

Get into the groove?

A lovely bloggy chum of mine, Kate over at invited me to join in with Groovy mums.
So, why am I doing this?
Well, I need to try and get my funk back! I used to go to gigs and rock n rock  style mama my way through life! Well, my knitting and cooking and baking and tweeting etc is very glamorous rock and roll .... But maybe I can do it with a bit more moisturising and taking care of myself a tad better!

So in my quest to become more groovy I will carry on cooking the Hairy Dieters recipes I've blogged about and more. I am taking what I call 'old lady tablets' to help me stop creaking in a morning and wincing in this cold weather. I am attempting to slap on the anti wrinkle cream morning AND night. I am going to wear jewellery more often. I am doing my nails with this frankly brilliant new colour change nail varnish I found on Amazon. It changes colour depending on how hot or cold I am!!
This is blue when I'm warm and goes dark purple when I'm cold!! 
I will take more photos for my next Groovymums post!! 

I  am going to continue my Davinas 15minutes DVD for longer than this week - Monday was cardio, Tuesday I did the legs, Wednesday I did the core and today I did the whole lot! I'm going to need my 'old lady tablets' in the morning. Maybe I'll need the whole packet!

On the 9th of each month ( if I remember ) I will blog my progress!! Remember my wrinkle score was an 8?! Let's hope it's a 7 by Feb 9th!!

So - join in if you wanna get your groove on!!


  1. Love how you tackle the groovy factor with humour too. I need to take care of my body a lot better and to pamper myself a bit from time to time too.
    Love the nail polish - how clever!

  2. Love your nail varnish! Ive had my nails done once and loved it so am going to treat myself again, hopefully soon.
    Love the humour in your post too. Hope you get your grooooove on xx


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