Saturday, 30 November 2013

The big pre Christmas clean starts here...

..... Here on the sofa with a cup of tea!

I do the big clean because my Mum did it, probably because my Beloved Nanna did it. Also, I've heard that Father Christmas has standards and will not call at a house where the oven racks are less than sparkly.  So far today ( 7:21am ) the dishwasher and  the washer are on and the oven cleaner is working. This is not a person, by the way, but highly dangerous chemical stuff that's a bit scary!

I'm going to give one of my kitchen cupboards a good scrubbing - you know the one, the baking tin cupboard. The stupid, goes round a corner and it's not fancy enough to have a revolving thingy like what they have these days, that's got all the stuff in you don't use yet don't throw away type of kitchen cupboard.( I have mentioned the fact I might be on Hoarders Extreme one day soon.... )

I'm sure ( I damn well know for a FACT )  in there is my old Turkey tray, which I once bought because the HG HGed the world's biggest turkey ( our children were teeny with bird like appetites). We had turkey coming out of our ears. I did my yearly 'boil the carcass to get the goodness out, use the skimmed stock and the stripped meat to make ten ton of Turkey stew that no one really wants to eat, put it carefully in containers and freeze then throw away the following Christmas in that strange 'must clear the freezer before Christmas' ritual that also happens.  I'm not even sure if the tray fits in this oven! Throw (me ) or keep ( HG)  Let's look at the evidence.

a) this tells you how old the tray is because my new oven is two now and
b) we've just had a turkey crown for the last four years and
c) we are never going to use it on the BBQ ( a HG suggestion, probably to secure its place in the cupboard that no one goes in )
d) it's too good to bin ( HG )
e) I think we could use it as a bird bath ( me )

So there you have it, birds need a shallow tray to drink from. Feeding the birds at my house is costing us more than tuppence a flipping bag. 

Our starlings and sparrows and now sodding pigeons feast on the finest the RSPB have to offer! We ( ok, the HG ) made a bird bath out of an old ikea lamp, it lasted a few winters, but they need a new bath. I have a turkey tray. I hope to them, it doesn't scream TURKEY COFFIN at them. We have a new bird watering station. Oh yes we do HG! He will probably read this later, shake his head at me and tell me how it cost a fortune and it's like new!!

Right, tea drunk. The house is still quiet. I'm off to boil the kettle again and make a start!
Here is a photo of my classroom, well the outside. There are another four windows along side too. Look closely, there's fascia boards too!! 

I'd done the blackout Blitz windows for our WW2 last Friday. Our Christmas theme is Winter Wonderland. So yesterday I added a roof, complete with PVA glue and glitter frosty snow! We are going all WW2 theme so yesterday the children made paper chains and snowflakes from old newspapers. My Nanna told me how my Grandad decorated their window in the war. He used fishing line at different lengths and attached wispy bits of cotton wool and put up so many it looked like snow fall. So that's what I'm going to do at work too. Hopefully it'll look a teeny bit magical :-)

Have a Super Saturday everyone! Do you do a big clean?

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