Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My week so far...

Monday was inset day, though how anyone could concentrate on the ' World Class Teaching and Learning seminar' when this was the view out of the window..... 

Tuesday brought the first day back after half term. I am sure the children have grown a foot each. The classroom seemed jam packed! I caught up with a little bit of my Y4 RE marking. 
"Dayvide slinged a stone at gullyiaff and that was the end of the Phlintstones." 
At night owls we had glitter, fluorescent paints, chalk and black paper. Can you guess what this week's theme is?! 
Finally, the baby girl for which my latest knit is for arrived a week early, so I do need to crack on with this! 
Nearly finished...

Saw this on Facetwit or something and it made me laugh! 

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  1. Wow I love the ocean, I definitely would not be able to concentrate. You're such a busy body Rachel you put Your Royal Laziness (aka me Vivian) too shame.


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