Wednesday, 20 March 2013

S P * M

Not the stuff England marches on. But lately I have been inundated with the stuff! A lot are very impressed with the layout of my design and are very much looking forward to seeing what I do next. Then I am kindly invited along to click their link to gambling sites. Never been on one in my life so you can only guess how very very tempting it is.

I love to comment on other people's blogs as some of you know but I cannot stand 'captcha' but I completely understand why it's there! But not on here! I love my kind supporters from the ahem 'man bits? make em bigger' sites. It is a great comfort to know there IS help out there should I need it!

Unfortunately I cannot copy and paste any of my comments in because I hit DELETE the minute they hit my email! I am grateful though because seeing '85 comments awaiting moderation' makes me feel uber popular.... for a millisecond! My most popular post for the s p a m is my Tarzan one! If you've not read it, go find it. It's a cracker! With photos!

Actually, I couldn't resist!! Look!

***ӏ delight in, leaԁ tο Ι found exactly ωhat I was looκing foг. Υοu've ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye click here on Tuesday - Tinnitus & Tarzan
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at 11:57***


Crisp update - not one crisp has passed my lips for two weeks and three days now. I still think of them often and with fondness.

Knitting update - finished the little cardigan for the man in the shop's ( where my HG spends all our offsprings inheritance ) newest grandson. They sent us a photograph of the baby wearing it and it fits perfectly. :-)
Next project is started, a very posh little summer cardigan for Madeleine ( Harry's big sister ) pic below ( blogging on my phone )

Harry update - after a difficult for Lisa, 8 week wait, Harry's latest EUA was clear! Hooray! Everything seems stable ( I touched wood then ), no new seedling tumours and another 8 weeks till he goes again! He is just a little darling. Chatting away and always on the go. He will be going to Nursery for one morning a week after Easter! I can't believe it!

Cheerio for now folks

Rachel x


  1. Huzzah for Harry!!! :o)) XXX

  2. Oh, well done little man!
    Jane x
    My spam is not as exciting as yours ,however, the command of the English language is as accurate.

  3. Yippee glad to hear the Harry news. Well done on the no chippee. I feel stupid but I don't understand anything that you were saying about captcha and what is captcha?

    1. Hi Vivian, it's that thing where you have to enter the words and numbers in the box to prove you are a real life person!


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