Thursday, 1 November 2012

A Bit of Baking

Hello, again!
I know, you have barely let the ink dry on your comments on my last post when here I am AGAIN! That is the beauty of Half Term!

This is a new post of something I did yonks ago. ( I know, I used the word 'yonks'. ) I want to add it onto that page tab thingy at the side of the blog. I want to change the layout round a little and add some of your blogs to a blogroll. I just have to find the right gadget thing. All of this provides me with the exact amount of procrastination I am looking for!

So, here were go, Jammy dodgers, Rachel style. I did post these originally on FB before I had this blog! I apologise for the rubbish photos. If you squint, you will get the idea!

Got these fab cutters from TK Maxx for about £2. I love it in there for all sorts of good baking stuff you don't see elsewhere.


I didn't fancy the recipe given on the box, so I turned to my trusty baking biscuits book.

First cream the butter and sugar til light and fluffy.

Stir in plain flour, cornflour and baking powder till it forms a dough. Rest for a while. You as well as the dough!


Roll out thinly onto a floured surface and using the fancy pants cutter, cut out 'some' bases.
( I am not technically accurate in my baking! )


Use fancy pants cutter, with different inserts, to cut out some lids. Hopefully, the same amount as the bottoms!

Gently pick up the lids, and pop out the middles.

Bake int oven till done. Make sure you cook the little middles too. cook's treat!

After cooling on a wire try, move the bottoms and dredge the tops with icing sugar. Note the missing middles? Like I said earlier. Cook's treat. Nom nom nom.


 After warming some good strawberry jam, place 'some' on the base and then top with the tops! Hey presto. Jammy Dodgers. These photographs really do not do them justice. Time to make start to finish? Probably a good hour. Time they last? Well I couldn't possible comment on how well they will keep in an airtight box etc because they'd all been chomped before the bloomin dishwasher had finished it's cycle!!
I've enjoyed looking at these pics again. I might make some more later today. I'll see if I can get a better photo with some decent colour!
Now to go add this post to that tab thingy.   I think it'll have to just be a series of links! How do you operate your tab thingies? Anyone?


  1. Please can I have the recipe with amounts? Am making scones with jam and cream today ... Lush!

  2. They look so pretty,but obviously not too pretty to eat!
    Jane x

  3. Wow if I ever travel to the UK I will be joining you for tea and biscuits.

  4. I'm on a diet!!! They look so tasty.


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