Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Ever had your negative emotional energy sucked out of you?

I have, every day. By the class. Today,  an educational phsychologist had told me this is what the little darlings are up to! I am there favourite toy and they are winding me up and watching me go!

I hasten to add I have been on a SEAL course! I haven't been sent for therapy/treatment!!!
It's been a really really good day. Julie Glynn is a truly inspirational speaker and has told me all that I am doing is WRONG!! Anne Desforges is the other lady whoo is fucking A star top banana. I WILL come back iand fill you in in a bit - for now my troops need feeding!!!


  1. *their - I am trying to do this on my iPhone!

  2. oh work does that to me every single bleedin' day


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