Friday, 29 April 2011

My blog won't let people write their comments apparently - I am only getting a couple through

So I have NO idea how to undo this! Of course I have my security thingymabob set so I get to see the comments first before I publish but other than that nowt's new. O and the Wedding was AWESOME. I am proud to be British today! Pomp and ceremony? bring it on!!


  1. I slept during the wedding. Did you guys get the day off to watch? The amount that it has taken over our media here, I hope you guys got the day off.

  2. It's letting me comment again.

  3. I was there in spirit. Set my alarm for 3:00 AM, rose, made a cup of coffee and settled down to watch. Lovely and impressive wedding!The crowds were amazingly well behaved, a tribute to the day.

    Next the Olympics? May they go as well as the wedding!


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