Wednesday, 9 February 2011

sorry (none existent) readers! I never finish a story!

I HATE loose ends

pretty flower pearl buttons

pinned out

Flowers took like 5 minutes ( as my daughter would say!)

Bag done - just need to do the handle

FINISHED!! Wish I'd striped the sleeves differently - but I was on pink wool conservation...

Birthday girl in her knitted goodies!
New chapter..... a jumper for my 16 year old - it may take till she is 18!


  1. I fully expect to see those blond angels on the cover on magazines. So beautiful.

    You could sell those sweaters & purses, Rach. Too bad *I* don't have any little girls that small any more *WEEPS*

  2. Find a pattern, get strange to provide the wool and I will knit for your big little girl :) xx


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