Wednesday, 4 September 2019


The week is zooming by very quickly. Quite a few shockers and heartbreak for some of my children over the summer. They all look so smart in their new uniforms and new shoes. One of the Childers who I have a right soft spot for is having a really hard time of it, ran up to me and put their arms round me at playtime, really snuggled in and said they'd missed me and they were so excited because they were coming to the after school club I run. I thanked him and mentioned that someone had told me that they'd pulled someone's hair, on day one! They told me it was an 'accident'. I said I didn't want to hear about any more accidents happening - on regaling this tale to my work chum, we were laughing as we both said the hair pulling 'victim' had probably deserved it!!!! We do champion these favourites of ours hehehehe

She has turned into a right little sock thief! 

Dark enough for candles now!
  This popped up on my Facebook memories and it's made me chuckle all day!

 Speaking of yogurt,my on plan breakfast today was stewed rhubarb and a pink grapefruit muller greek style yogurt. Delicious and filling and homegrown! Bonus of stewing rhubarb is very shiny pans! Wonder if my innards are shiny.

The HG has put Brassic on. A new series on Sky one. It reminds me a bit of Shameless.  I'm only half watching but it has got Michelle Keegan in it. She is so pretty. Naturally so. Right off to read some blogs. 

Lots of love for now from 
Rachel*Rhubarb*Radiostar xxx


  1. Some children have the weight of the world on their shoulders these days which is a shame. But it's lovely that they see school as a place they want to be - that's definitely down to good staff like yourself.

    I love rhubarb but the amount of sugar I have to use to get it to the taste I like is shameful and after a call from the Docs this afternoon I think I'd better pass.

    I'd let Bluebell chew any sock she wanted to if she gave me those big brown eyes :) xx

  2. Ooooh I've not had stewed rhubarb for ages.....since our plant decided it didn't want to play nice any more. I must get a replacement.
    I just want to kiss Bluebells squidgy little nose. Oh my word she is gorgeous.
    The yoghurt chart made me laugh.

  3. Loveluy breakfast - very yum indeed.
    Poor kids - they shouldn't have such a heavy load at such a young age.
    Only two days to go and it's the weekend - the first weekend of the new school year. That's always special!

  4. life can be a pile of poo, it's such a shame when it affects a child. Some of them have a happier time at school than at home,breaks my heart.

    breakfast looks good.

    Hope you are well xx

  5. Spaniel = sock thief ... just ask the Bear


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