Sunday, 12 November 2017

I came upstairs...

... to put a colour on my hair and make the bed. So far that was 20 minutes ago. The sheets are still in the basket and the dye is still in the box because I got distracted by blogland! I also put away my two pair of boots where I'd just taken them off and left them. I've been distracted all day!
Had some messages from a friend who needed a friendly ear. I burnt the roast beef sewing a snowman onto a stocking. I want to do some more sewing effort bed so need to hurry up with hair and bedding! The boy is on his way back from That There London. We went to see Miss 23 yesterday and had a glorious day out at Gibside with Freddie. It was a truly beautiful crisp Autumn Day. We saw two glorious red kites in flight, a tawny owl flying in the forest and some deer. The trees were in full technicolour glory and I was very proud of the 12000 steps I did. Much easier I have to say than a few months ago. The knees were definitely less creaky! Miss 23 starts her new job tomorrow. I'm much better than I was, though the snotty nose and odd cough is refusing to go quietly.
 Right, it's time to get cracking!

Bye for now
Rachel*will do photos tomorrow* Radiostar xxx


  1. I do that too, far too often!
    Glad you are recovering somewhat.
    J x

  2. Ever so easy to get distracted away from bedmaking. It's a bummer of a job! xx

  3. Snotty nose and cough here too. Glad you enjoyed your forest amble xx

  4. Oh're as bad as me. I have come down this morning with every intention of starting on the pan of soup I want to make and so far have tidied away carrier bags from the Christmas shopping, organised the wrapping paper rolls into a bucket ready for wrapping pressies and put all the gift bags into a shopping bag to keep them all together.
    I will get round to the soup

    Your day out sounds lovely. We have red kites that often sail the wind in the field at the back of us and I love to watch them.

    Good luck to Miss 23 on her new job. I hope she has a great first day.


  5. I'm easily distracted as well Rachel. I can also be over-productive with 20 things on the go but actually achieving nothing! Your day out sounds lovely and I'm totally in awe of your 12000 steps. Hope Miss 23 is enjoying her new job. xx

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