Sunday, 8 January 2017

A bag is born....

Quite literally...
1. Gestation period - got this mid November so about two months.
 2. Getting ready for the bag big event.

 3. Stitches - come at the beginning in this process....


 4. Approx 10cm dilated.

5. Crowning.

6. The shoulders are out.

7. It's a baby bag! 

With three pockets. Fully lined pockets.

Just need to add straps now. 

Another finished project shot I can show you now because the recipients have had them. 

And finally 
My purchases ready for next year...

  The angel stands about 40cm tall and is just GORGEOUS! 
Roast chicken and duck fat roast potatoes for tea tonight. But not unless I get my bum off this sofa! I may be having a go at a new craft this space.
I am  also LOVING The Voice and Let it shine on telly and I am looking forward to the new dance thing on tonight! Work tomorrow. 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *happy with my lot* Radiostar xxx



  1. You did a great job on that bag! Very classy choices for next year's Christmas decorations. I really like the colour scheme. -Jenn

  2. Love the birthing sequence, I hope to be back to sewing again soon, I just need to get everything back in the right place in the sewing room. I haven't bought any new decorations this year, I have several patterns and hope to make some new things. I definitely want to crochet some new bunting.

  3. That bag is fantastic and I love the decorations so much. It's just a shame about work, isn't it?
    J x

  4. Lovey stitching and knitting, you have been busy. Love the shiny things, enjoy your roast.

  5. Oh how gorgeous is that fabric? Love it with the spotty lining.
    The waistcoats and hats look lovely. I bet they were well received.
    The angel is one of the nicest I have seen for a long time. There weren't many about this year.
    I'm refusing to sit and watch anything with Andy tonight. I need a bit of peace so will be surfing the sewing shops on the web looking for something to kick me up the arse and get me started again.

  6. I brought the same bag kit as you but the fabric one which I fetched out of the envelope yesterday and got as far as cutting out, so I'm still behind Where you are you with it - yours looks lovely xx

  7. The bag is lovely and I'm really impressed with the lining and zips, don't think I've ever attempted either. The little waistcoats and hats are gorgeous as well.

    You're very organised buying decs for next year. I've stopped buying paper and cards because I always forget I've got them and end up with loads. Think I've still got some in a box from a few years ago.

    I'm waiting patiently for Call The Midwife and Home Fires to come back on, if they do that is. I always thought the Christmas Day special of CTM kick started a new series, but so far nothing on TV :( xx

  8. The bag is a real delight, such beautiful and really different fabric.

  9. Haha love the bag and the baby things, I hope you have an enjoyable start back to work, it seems strange for me not having to go to work anymore but I'm sure I will soon get used to being a lady of leisure. :) xx


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