Tuesday 20 December 2016

Hi everyone!

I've about 6 half finished posts in my drafts - I really really miss the blogger app. I love putting photos in posts but it really is a ballache when you blog either on an iPhone or an ipad due to the stupid way the screen moves around and how you can't see the add photos bit properly. I've still 2 days to go at work including two discos tonight. I'm not staying all night though as I've my Asda shopping coming betwixt 6 and 7. I've a few presents to wrap but I do t feel festive yet despite all my trimmings being up.
On Monday afternoon my day was made by my FAVOURITE ever ever pupil coming back from High School looking for me. It made me all smiley. Yesterday I tested a little cherub I've been doing daily intensive reading with. In five weeks they've improved from a starting reading age of 5y7m to 6y11m. I'm beyond proud of them. We will carry on in the New Year...if I can...
One of my classes based colleagues is retiring ( lucky thing ) and I've a feeling I'm going to be pulled from my role back into full time classroom TA work. Which is not what I want. If I'm in class, who will do the bereavement counselling I did yesterday? Who will do the anger management work I did yesterday? Who will do the work on social skills and friendship I did yesterday? Who will touch base with three other kids who feel unloved and unwanted? Some might think I'm a waste of resources but actually the impact my current role is having is all positive- for those certain individuals and for everyone around them!
Thanks for well wishers wondering where I am. I'm just lurking! This is my first year without Miss 22 at home on Christmas Day. It had to happen but will seem odd. Fingers crossed the forecast stays good and she'll be here Boxing Day. But just overnight. They both have jobs to get back for. Which is great. I'm very proud of her. The words in the card for Mr 19 from his boss made me cry. I will share them next time. Because right now, it's 6.24am and I am still in my warm cosy bed!
I'll be back soonish hopefully getting the draft posts posted! They are mostly Christmas tree focussed!

Lots of love from
Rachel *no time to think of witty insert* Radiostar xxx


  1. Ha! I am blogging in bed too AND I have a few drafts up my sleeve. We are like slobby twins!!! xx

  2. And breathe, great to hear from you, fingers crossed for your very important role you have with the young ones. Christmas will arrive even if we are not ready, we often have loads of time on our own as grown up daughters live thier own lives. Enjoy your festive season.

  3. Hurry up and get back to more regular posting! From Sue *missing my doses of classroom tales* in Suffolk!

  4. fingers crossed that your job role does not change. I will be having my first Christmas without Francesca this year, although I will miss her dreadfully I have given her my full support to have and enjoy her "friends" Christmas. The group of 6 shared a house through their years at Uni and have stayed really close.

  5. Hi Rachel, glad to see you around, started to get a bit thoughtful that things might be amiss... but it is a busy time and exhausting. How lovely of that pupil to visit you, something to treasure! Keeping everything crossed that you can stay in your current role.

  6. busy time of year, though Violet's school seems to be lacking in anything especially festive. Plus her head teacher legs it today, so it's all feeling a little odd there.

    I seem to have misplaced my festive spirit today. Probably because it doesn't feel like Christmas until school ends - you must get that too!

    Off I go. I'm putting off doing my gift wrapping! xx

  7. Glad to see you're still there! I think the work you do is vital and under appreciated. Keep at it! Xx

  8. It was nice to read a post from you. I have no doubt that your impact on those children is a great one. That makes me sad that your daughter isn't home on Christmas, but she's growing up, isn't she? Will she bring her fur baby with her? -Jenn

  9. Fab to see a post from you today Rachel.
    I really hope you don't get pulled into a job you don't want to do as you sound just perfect for the one you are doing now.
    This year both of mine will be here. I have yet to have a completely offspring free Christmas and to be honest I don't really want one.

  10. Lovely to see a post from you Rachel. It's a busy time of year for everybody but especially for teaching staff so it doesn't surprise me you've not been around for a while.

    What you've done with your children over the past couple of days is extremely important. I know because Thomas has benefitted immensely from somebody like yourself at school. Is there no talk of employing another TA to cover the member of staff retiring so that you can carry on with what you're doing. The funding must already be there, surely?

    You should be really proud of the progress the pupil has made but also of yourself for putting in the work. It's amazing how beneficial reading every day is for children.

    I'm still hopeful for snow on Christmas Day but I'll happily let it melt overnight so that DD can be with you Boxing Day :) Enjoy the discos. xx

  11. Just popping by to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. :) xx


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