Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tuesday again

Relentlessly the week marches on.

Not much to report lately. I've started a new knitting project. It's a vintage pattern I've used before ( I made  a wee matinee set for Foster/FrugalMummy's FIRST grandchild - implying there's a second .... THERE IS! Mama and baby are fine I'm reliably informed :-) )
I've got four boxes of wool. Those large flat stacking boxes you can get from all leading storage box providers.  Four. Full. I've even a couple of large vacuum seal bags if yarn. Wool I've bought, collected, been given etc...so I decided on a gorgeously soft pastel peach colour for my friend's brand new baby girl. It's very fine. I'm not sure if it's 3 or 4 ply. I'm thinking 3 as I can only see 3 strands if I unravel a bit. I'm all about the science! As with most of my stash there are no labels! I'll advise a gentle wash and no tumble drying! 
Let's start at the very beginning! Or a left front as I like to call it! 
Fancy lacy edge with a picot finish - will be stitched up at the end. 
The back  has some sunshine knit into it. 
Note the state of my nails. I bought a new mint green colour because I thought it looked sweet... It went on like tippex! Hands up who tippexed their nails in the 80s?! We were so definitely rock and roll!

BREAKING: garden news. 

 After three years I finally have a Hibiscus flower! Obviously you will know the colour before I even post the photo! 
I bought three plants, gave them EVERYTHING they could wish for ( did what it said on the label ), only two remain. This is the first flower on the weedier looking plant. There are two more buds. That's it! The stronger looking plant is very leafy but not a single sniff of a flower so far! I have no idea why?! 
It's so gorgeous! And rather tasty it would seem looking at the nibbled leaves. THREE YEARS I WAITED FOR THIS! 

I have a hang my head in shame moment. You know how I likes to share my manky veg recipes with you from time to time? Well, I have rather deep drawers in my fridge and I am guilty of just shoving the shopping in with a view to sorting it out later. Later, this time it seems, is a good few weeks! Warning -  all you haters of food waste look away and unfriend me now, for I am about to show you something so tragic. Even *I* wouldn't include these in my manky veg curry/stew/soup. 

Eeeeewwwwww! Call myself a domestic goddess??!!! I'm firing myself!

Finally we had a really long stormy storm. My mop bucket ( that was outside )was half full of rain water just from the weekend, but there was rather a lovely rainbow that I thought I'd share. 

Right, much to do today! Best get cracking* 

Love from 
Rachel 'mankiest veg' Radiostar xx 

* makes another brew and faffs about online a bit more. 


  1. Lovely knitting. Would the new baby be another girl? How lovely. Pretty flower.
    We had rain over the weekend but not much

  2. I just had to come over after your visit. I love your blog and please, please can I fire myself as a domestic goddess as well? I'm off to pop you on my list, if blogger lets me lol x


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