Saturday, 12 October 2013

Simply Saturday

Hi everyone, and a special thank you to those who made suggestions for my little nest of Owls. All have been taken aboard!

It's 3:30pm. So far today I've pegged out, sorted out, walked up town, got lots of nice things from town to do nice things....
Stocking fillers
Ham shank bargain £2 ( ham n chips, pea n ham soup and possibly baked eggs with any scraps of ham )
New buttons ( to up cycle a big chunky cardi gifted to me )
Bargain basket wool ( always comes in handy! )
Pies from the farmers' market  ( keeping the local economy afloat )
A shiny new file from the clearance corner to re sort my collection of recipes.
Good bacon from the bacon stall as the HG has a yearning to make Tom Kerridge's real baked beans. Thing is, we needed smoked streaky bacon in one 200g lump. Which we got - but the recipe then says chop it up finely!! Surely sliced would have done too???? Guess it's what I would call
"Man Cooking"

Currently 3:34pm and I'm
Watching The Middle with another cup of tea, then I'm off to do some baking, for the week's lunch boxes. I also need to search  for the dried haricot beans the HG requires, and I'm SURE I've some dried peas for my ham shank!!

I'll be back later with pictures of my efforts.

The title of my post? I love Saturdays. Simple!


  1. You are as busy as a little bee :-)

  2. Rachel you make me feel slightly bad. Besides for a long cycle, I spent most of Saturday on the couch feeling justified because of the cycle.


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