Saturday, 5 January 2013

I cannot come to my blog right now

So please leave a message after the beep.


For those nosy folks out there wondering why. I have a new love. Here is a photo.


  1. This is an incredibly addictive little app in my iPhone called FLOW. One simply has to join the dots. It's quite easy at first and the mental highs I am getting is quite ridiculous in a grown woman!

    In my life , it's the new Song Pop, which in turn was the new Draw Sonething!

  2. I am SO missing my iphone as it's gone to have the screen fixed. :o(
    I have a borrowed handset but no emails, no internet and no twitter. Mind you, the housework is getting done.....!

  3. Not you too!! My little one keeps making off with my iPhone to play this one and the eldest has it on his iPod touch. Don't even get started on 100 Floors, or you'll never get anything done!! Lol.

    Arwedd xx

  4. I became addicted to a @#$%*ing game on Facebook, Pyramid Solitaire, which resulted in me getting nothing done. Fortunately during the last week of my holiday I completed all levels. Hopefully I will get stuff done now. I think we need a gamer's rehab. Thinking of you in this time of compulsive gaming addiction.


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