Monday 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Hello to my dear sister in law Michele if you are looking in - please follow and COMMENT! Then I know you've been here! Hello to her sweet daughter Bexx too :) ( you know how the commenting thing works! )

This week I am going with my new friend Laura, who I met in hospital, to see our mutual friend ( also met in hospital) Lena, who sadly has stomach cancer. She is utterly beautiful and sweet and so lovely it makes my blood boil that this awful disease can just strike anyone it likes.

Harry's visit to Birmingham wasn't as smooth as we'd hoped and it's so unfair. Lisa writes about it HERE

On Wednesday I have my pre op assessment.

NB: If you are new to this blog my OP is to have my gall bladder out - not a sex change - which is what I thought of when I wrote the words 'PRE OP'. I'm laughing at my own jokes now!!

It says I am to have an EEG or something, well although my legs are a lot stronger now - I'm not sure how much treadmill action I can take!!

Thursday I am back at my GP for a different blood test because my hair is falling out at an alarming rate. Hmmm what's worse? Being bright yellow or being bald? I'm not sure! - I had already self diagnosed the cause - major illness and blood thinning drugs - but my doc wants to test for thyroid and low iron so my veins will be attacked again.

That'll have to do for now . I can't think of anything remotely funny or witty today. ( Except the transexual bit)

Bye for now :)


  1. Hello! Good news about the pre-op assessment - hopefully you will be back fighting fit soon! As a family I think we all need a much better 2012 xxx

  2. ooh Rachel you transgender gal lol.

  3. Perhaps I should change my name to Raymondradiostar

  4. Ah a balding yellow peril - kind of cute in a fruity sort of way...
    Not sure about the tranny bit Rach, might be an operation to far ;-)
    Take really good care of yourself Rach, and it's good to see you blogging again.

  5. Look after yourself Rach!!! Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Think I might have put that on 'friendface' but cant remember.
    Nowt wrong with being pre-op, a change is as good as a rest?! Think how easy blokes have it........ ;-)


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