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Sunday 24 December 2023

Christmas Eve 2023

 Hi all, 

It’s been so crazy lately I’ve been briefly visiting blogs and hope everyone is well x 

My house is full of twinkly lights, festive food ( not really gone mad with it but have treated myself to a few goodies ), dogs, and family. Mum to be is blooming along nicely - 6 months gone now- but has sciatica poor thing. We went over in the first weekend of December - a hairy journey considering all the snow and ice but it was worth it to be present at a family scan! It’s a thing these days! Anyway it was magical and a real privilege as the sonographer or radiographer - nice lady doing the scan - actually explained what we were looking at! 

I’m writing this with Freddie on my knee now thinking I may have told you all of this already!

In other news, I decided this year was THE year to switch things about and I have changed the colour scheme on my tree! Gasp! So it was purple and silver and white lights and purple lights for 30 plus years. I’d started gathering warm lights and more natural and glass and bronzey things for the dining room so it was just a matter of bring those into the lounge. So I have only had chance really to finish prettifying the downstairs this week. Was working right up to Dec 22nd at 3pm. My job has got so so so hard and am basically an unqualified underpaid social worker now, so have been falling asleep every night pretty much at 7.30pm - 8pm.  Anyway 
I’ve put white lights up the centre of the tree, the rest are warm and have put my glass ornaments plus the favourite silver ones plus a few newbies on. And my Santa topper is now residing at n the dining room which is white light slight purple silver. Can’t get rid totally but have been paring back over the last few years anyway I am please and of course wish I’d done it sooner because it far suits my decor better! It is super cosy and lovely with all the lights on. 
You can see the photo from the last ever purple tree from last year haha 

Today I am taking last minute presents Miss 29 now aka M2b is spending time with her old school friend. The son in law and Mr 26 will briefly stroll the dogs as the weather is FOUL out there and then once home I’ve a few last tidy up n quick clean jobs. Will prep the veg and just enjoy Christmas Eve. We don’t go back until Jan 8th but I would much rather have the week before off as I love the pre Christmas feeling. You all know I’m not a New Year fan really! Probably sad because Christmas is finished haha 

Hoping to get blogging more as I’ve an epic knit to show and tell and I’ve many beautiful jigsaws to do! 
That’s all for now! 
Love from Rachel *cold feet so need to get my socks on* Radiostar xxx



  1. A family baby scan - who knew! Love the photo of the doggies. And thank you for our card! xx

  2. How exciting to have a family scan, I got to go with youngest daughter and saw Will, moments like that are special. I love your mixed up tree, I always prefer my tree like that, never done a themed tree. Merry Christmas, they are going to change once baby arrives.

  3. We got to attend a 'family scan' for our grandson - so exciting! [the previous scan at which Bob and I were both present was 39 years ago for his Mum!]

  4. Happy Christmas, lovely lady. Such happy family times for you. xx


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