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Friday 25 March 2022

Great news! Sad news!

 Why oh why is there always a Yin to the Yang???( Thanks Mr G for the image )

First the Yang….( there’s 4 )

Madame Bluebell will be on her own once again 

I will have to ( my choice ) make TWO packed lunches again

I may have to dust off the iron 

Our neighbours may have to bear the brunt of the HG online ordering habits 

Because the Yin to all of these Yangs is 

Mr 24 starts a new job on Monday!! 

He’s a man of few words but I know his starting salary is more than he was on n his previous job, there’s scope for gaining extra qualifications, he’s interested in it, it’s local so he stays home a bit longer saving up for house deposit etc. if he doesn’t like it, he has other options- he’s also passed round 1 of police application and had his third and final interview with BAE systems which has a September 2022 start. 

So all is moving in a positive way! Including me - I will have to walk Bluebell myself a bit more!!! This may help me out with my other blog hahaha 

One week to get through at work. We will be off to the North East to visit Miss 27 on my two weeks off. I’ll be pottering in the garden. I’ve a wedding to go to. There’s a possibility of a cheeky couple nights away with my best friends too. I’ve got some lovely gifts coming for Mother’s Day on Sunday and I hope they all like them! Decided to go for something to keep and be lovely rather than flaars which die ! 

Right , best get me wriggle on 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *cleaned the bathroom and put the aching on before work* Radiostar xxx

Sunday 20 March 2022

Spring Cleaning

 Well, thanks to a chest infection, the only Spring Cleaning I’m fit for is that I’ve managed to delete 1000s of photos and emails off my phone! Decluttering hahaha you all know I’m a hoarder at heart. 

I’ve made porridge - which Bluebell now expects on a Sunday morning. I had mine with some frozen blueberries. I dropped one on the kitchen floor and stood on it ffs so my slippers and rug are now in the wash. It’s gorgeous and sunny and it makes me annoyed that I feel too poorly to embrace it fully. There is a bloody cold chill wind though and it’s a bit parky in the shade. I’ve pegged out. Done some jigsaw. Had a shower and got back in bed! Not sure what I’m doing for tea. I’ve a piece of flat brisket in. It’s much better flat than rolled. I’ve a chicken in and some sausages. 

We decided on beef - but the piece the butcher gave me was HUGE so I’ve halved it and it’s n the oven it’s gone with the beautiful stock and some onions and carrots. It’ll be lovely tonight with yorkshires and roasties. 

The HG and I took Bluebell to the shore yesterday and it was absolutely GORGEOUS. Quite busy but it’s so vast you are not on top of each other. Might stroll her down the canal later. My blue hyacinths are out in the garden and some teeny daffs and there’s so many green leaves appearing of the tulips and bluebells that I long to see them! I might go clear one bag full of debris out the border but I might not. 

I did - there was 12 minutes left on the washer and I took a bag out and did 12 minutes. It set me off coughing but I felt good for doing it! 

Not much difference but I know I’ve been at it! 

This cough is horrid. It’s not Covid. I just seem to do nothing but complain and be ill lately. 

I’m going to relax a bit now with the knitting needles. The HG is out with Bluebell as I just didn’t feel up to it. 

Have a lovely Sunday all. 

Lots of love from Rachel *what are you having for tea?* Radiostar xx

Monday 14 March 2022

Le Weekend.

 Le Weekend  - French for bloody hell those two days went fast. It was mild and sunny for some of it. I went outside and fettled in the garden- I’ve still much debris to shift and I had a go at the bunny bush. It’s bigger than Bluebell now. She was sent in in disgrace because she was playing the I found a stone Mum and I’m going to sit behind you and crunch it in my teeth and then pretend I’ve not got one by stopping when you turn around. Bloody dogs. 

I’ve had quite a lovely one as it goes as usual. The only thing is I’m in a bit of insomnia mode. It’ll pass. It’s just so annoying. Also with the hair cut, one’s bags under one’s eyes are more noticeable! On Saturday night, The HG and I looked for something good to watch. We’ve a few Veras inc new ones stacked up, plus a few dramas that have been on TV lately. Anyway I flicked thru the various channels we have and settled on Chicago Fire. It’s pilot was in 2012. Well, it was just right, like baby bear’s porridge so we’ve watched it well into the first season! We are loving it! 

Things we’ve noticed. 

1. The chief has a very deep whispery voice and he’s often just watching and knowing all the things. He also is permanently holding his collar, whispering things in to it. Or it could be his radio. 

2. Bloody hell, you didn’t get this on London’s Burning. There’s trucks and 3 different sections of staff and a voice comes out of the sky saying what’s happened and where they need to go, This  always always always happens as they are about to eat/ having a deep and meaningful moment. 

3. Everyone is beautiful. Or quirky/loveable

4. Everyone is at it. 

5. All of them have a back story, like a real baaaack story with issues.

6. All of them are really really good at staring into the distance moodily. 

7. All of them are exceptional at making every damn thing look tough, they do it with a furrowed brow and a tough grimace to show us how tough they are/it is- even like, putting a ladder up a wall. 

8. It’s a wonder there are any buildings left in Chicago the rate they get burned down. 

9. They enjoy jolly good japes with each other. 

10. They never EVER take the easy route -for example. They rushed to a sink hole in the road situation and there was a screaming lady with claustrophobia ( natch ) down said sink hole. Tough, gorgeous looking one ( with bad shoulder so on illegal prescription drugs ) shouts toughly to the others bring me a board. Now reader, I would have thrown down a hose , told her to hold on and reel it in, or pop one of my lovely long ladders down it and told her to climb up. No. The crew brought him two little boards to shore up the sides. Not enough. He says, toughly, with narrowed eyes. Hurry. 

So next thing, two of the older quirky/loveable firecrew go and simply chop a lady’s garden fence down and use that. 

Get back to the hole. Screaming woman now can’t breath and is up to her knees in soil, trapped. 

5 minutes of close ups of narrowed eyes, gritted jaw clenching efforts with hydraulic wot nots and gubbins and then two firemen jump down and save her by attaching ropes to her and risk internal injury to her/possible ripping her apart at the waist as they yank her out of the soil as the stolen fence panels begin to collapse.  Lieutenant Badarm, generally has to hold somebody from falling with his bad arm. I sit there thinking,  well no way could I do that with my bad shoulder! 

Anyway, they seem to go round the houses to get the job done! 

I’m not sure how many episodes there are but it’s great! 

Sat here with a cup of green tea, I’ve made the HG his packed lunch ( egg butties today ) and quickly putting this post out.  Bluebell is squeaking at me to give her her breakfast but she’s 12 minutes early! Not til 7 O’clock madam. 

Yesterday I made a tuna and sweetcorn flan as I’ve been fancying one for a while. I washed the kitchen rugs and pegged them out. I put the online shopping away - I’ve fully stocked the cupboards fridges and freezers buying a few extra things that will keep so try and avoid higher prices - only a few basics.  Not panic buying, clearing shelves level.  I’ve sugar, cereal, tinned goods and one extra packet of loo roll! 

Need to get some porridge and tuna in my next shop. Down the the last tin I noticed after making the flan. 

Sunday tea was delicious- it was a roast chicken dinner, with stuffing, gravy, roast potatoes, mashed root veg, broad beans, cabbage and yorkshires. Pudding was profiteroles but I was strong and with narrowed eyes and a grimace,  I didn’t have any! 

I’m off to put the recipe for my flan on my other blog now - think the link is in the side bar somewhere if you are interested and then get ready for work! 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *have a good Monday* Radiostar xxx

Saturday 12 March 2022

5 inches

 That's how much hair I've had chopped off this morning at 8am!

Here's Bluebell in the car after her walk in the park with the HG as I was enjoying having my hair washed for me. It's the only part of her that was presentable!! 

 I'd not been to the hairdressers since covid began so two years had passed! I was beginning to look like Cousin It off the Addam's Family!  

I do like my hair long for a while. I put it in plaits a lot but with my good shoulder rapidly catching up to my dodgy shoulder a low side ponytail is about as much as I can manage. Anyway

I'm now sat - neck cold with a short swishy bob!It is now shorter - up to the double chin level!!  Like I normally go for. 

Covid has struck at the door of two of my favourite bloggy friends. Get Well Soon all inflicted at No 38 and Joy xx 

My day now must begin with Wordle - 5 letters, worgle - 6 letters, quordle - wordle x 4, nerdle - calculations and now there's OCTORDLE!! 8 wordles at once - it's becoming a full time job! 

Sue in Suffolk - inspired by your blog post a few weeks back,  I downloaded a new audible book 

War Diary: The Diary of Mike Rogers

Three things struck me about this book, no four. 
1. Definitely would be better to read it as it's read by a grown man and as it's written by a 13 year old boy, it doesn't sound right.
2. It's fascinating and  BUT
3. Not long after I started listening to this the Russians started their war on Ukraine and it made me uneasy listening to it. It's quite odd, the feeling it gave me. 

4, I've just forgotten what point 4 was. Anyway I've paused the book for now and am going to find something else to listen to! 

Speaking of the war because that is what it is - I am actively avoiding the news really. And as soon as the newscasters start what iffing and questioning - I turn it off. I am becoming more frightened that everything he is doing, he is doing it is to bring about the start of WW3.

I want to thank everyone who commented on my last post and I chuckled at Suzanne who said to me that if she didn't know I worked in a school, shed think I was in the SAS! Oh the image of me in the SAS indeed! 

Today I am going to now go sort the washing, make a small quiche and heat up some leftover stew for lunch. 

We are so very very lucky to be able to have Blogland to write about all the things we do and we are even luckier to be able to read them. 

Lots of love from

Rachel * swishy hair* Radiostar xx

Tuesday 8 March 2022

Pancake Day

 Just a quick post before I go stand in front of the cooker for what will seem like an eternity! Of all mum Mum jobs, making pancakes ranks on the worst jobs list! 


And that's all I had to say about that! 

It's now Tuesday, one week later.

The war in Ukraine is worse. I can't bear to watch the news. I've donated warm clothes and money to pay for it's passage at the local pub. I've donated to the Red Cross. I feel so helpless. 

It's been a week at work and then some. Nurture has been very difficult and challenging but today we had a proper laugh out loud moment. Thank you g oo gley image search for the photo

One little nurture being struggles with speech and communication but is now more brave with their voice and speaking in 4 word sentences. 

They have a jacket potato with cheese every single day without fail for lunch. Every day I ask what did you choose for lunch?

aaa eee n sheeee is the habit formed answer.

so today I got them saying juh juh juh jump jump jack jack 


JACK SHIT potato

What did you choose for your lunch?


It gave me and my work chum a right old chuckle - obviously not in front of the cherub! It's up there with the 5 year old telling us this week ( just prior to exclusion ) 

I'm NOT going to that FUCKING mat!!!! 

Reader - they did indeed go to that fucking mat and they stayed there for the allotted 5 minutes and once in control of themselves, said that they said a bad word. Not sure if that was before or after I got booted in the face or my workchum got badly bitten! 

Anyway a little post from me.

Lots of love from 

Rachel *I prefer beans with my Jack Shit* Radiostar xx